I'm not a baby!! (my own love troubles at the end😂)

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Idea from Theflashwashere thx for requesting!

Plot : Chase is being babied by his family. (Peter in the avengers)  

Chase POV

"Come on! It's just the park, what do you think is gonna happen. I don't need to be on a leash everywhere we go! I'm fifteen!" No matter how hard I yelled, I would still be attached to a leash, so I can't 'get myself in trouble' ugh.

"That's right! Way to young to make such life changing decisions!" Mr Davenport says back.

"Damn Mr Davenport! I may be the youngest but I'm still the wisest. If there's anyone who could make a dicision it's me!"

"LAnGuAGe!" (Cap😂)

"Chase, when you're eighteen we might be able to talk about it, but until then you'll be my LITTLE brother," Adam says patting the top of my head.

So we went to the park. Awful.

÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷(getting Ed Sheeran vibes here😍)

"Chase watch out!" I look around worriedly, where's the danger?

"You could have tripped over that rock right there!" Of course there was no real danger. Just a rock, a stupid, lifeless and hard rock. So incredibly dangerous am I right?

"I want to go home. Right. Now."

"Yeah I was done anyways," Adam responds.


"Okayyy ready for training?" Mr Davenport says as he enters the basement. We all cheer a chorus of yesses at him.

"Get into the simulator." We all obey as we put on the special glasses. "Oh no Chase. This is gonna be tough, it's better if you'd just sit over there", he points to the bench, "and watch." I swear. It's just not fair. But I still make my way over to the bench, clenching my teeth.

"Good job guys!" Mr Davenport cheered as Bree and Adam finished the simulation.

"Mr Davenport?" I ask, he hums in response.

"When can I try the simulation?"


"When you're ready."

"I am ready! I train just as hard as the rest!" My voice raises at the end of my sentence. And run out the door. Just away from everything. Up the stairs. Through the front door. Outside.


How long have I been out here? Probably around three hours. They're probably searching for me! This was such a stupid thing to do. Way to go Chase! You screwed up again.

Okay orientate yourself, where in hell are you? There is a tree, a road, some houses.... This could be literally everywhere! Where did you come from? There! Just follow the road back!

And what now? Right left straight.  Where to go, where to go! Think Chase think!

Keep calm. Just go straight.

After what felt like an hour of walking, I reached a place somewhat familiar. It's not long till I'll get home. I haven't even thought about that yet. They're gonna be so pissed, they'll never- I get snapped out of my own worry when I hear my name behind me.

"Chase? Chase?!" I turn around and look straight into the eye of my father figure.

"I'm really sorry, I wasn't thinki-" he cuts my rembling with a loving and warm hug, which I gladly return.

"No,I'm the one who's supposed to be sorry. I shouldn't have treated you differently that the others. It wasn't fair of me to do so." He tries his best to smile at me, however, the hurt is still visible in his eyes.

"Let's get you home. Everyone was worried sick." He grabs his celphone and dials the numbers of the other family members, informing them on my whereabouts.

Running away might not be the worst decision I've ever made.

Sooo here's the deal. I've got a crush on this really cute guy. It's kind of a long story. I started liking him when I was 12, I'm currently 15, but at the end of the year he moved to another class. I barely spoke to him. My feeling died down a little and I actually forgot about him. He got a girlfriend and they were a really cute couple. Then all the classes went on a trip, I spoke to him again and started having those feelings again.

I ignored them cause you know he had gf. Whoever my BFF told me a couple of weeks after the trip that they had broken up. I didn't quite believe her since they're were still very close.

Then, we went to Germany for another trip (was awesome) and we had to make groups. You guessed it, me and my three friends got in the group with him and his ex.

On the back, he was not exactly next to me but on the other side of the path. We didn't talk a lot but out of nowhere he showed me a picture on him and his ex saying something along the lines of 'the good old times' and I was like Oooh. I honestly didn't know what to say, at least I got confirmation that they broke up.

During the breaks his group of friends sit at the same table as mine. Every now and then he would openly stare at me and wait for me to stare back, when I do he would keep eye contact and sometimes make silly faces.

I don't know what to do help me!!!!!!

Oh and he is the ex crush of my BFF, who isn't aware of my crush on him.

Congratulations if you read all that. It's almost longer than the story😂 I just wanted to tell someone since I'm not really that open with my feelings and stuff. But since none of you know my real name, I'm not worried about you finding out who mu crush is.😂

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