Spikey likey

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Samantha POV

Me and Chase have been together for a while now, I guess two months now. His alter ego showed himself five times till now, he kinda likes me. He once said "Spikey likey," when he looked at me. It made me laugh so hard. We also kinda kissed, long. Chase knows I kissed his alter ego, I like him and Spike is a part of Chase so I like him too. He doesn't mind me kissing Spike, I mean I still kiss him in some way. 

I hear Chase down the hall arguing with Adam. 

"You're so tiny." Adam says.

"I'm taller than Bree." Chase says in defense.

"But she's a girl, what's your excuse?" He says mocking Chase.

"I don't need an excuse." I hear a deep voice growl at Adam.

"That's enough guys." I say breaking their argument just a little to late. 

"Oh I'm just getting started." The voice says, Spike.

"Well then, you don't wanna come with?" I say tempting him.

"I do." He says with his eyes still on Adam.

"Then come." I say walking back to my room

I can seem him come after me with his eyes still on Adam, who gives me a thanking glare.

I lay down at my bed, lifting my skirt just enough to show a little bit off my ass. He walks in looking at me. I can see his eyes go all over my body and back to my face. He comes a little closer and sits on the bed. He connects our lips in a passionated kiss as he reaches out to cup my cheek. My hands get lost in his hair. I feel him pull away.

"What happened?" Chase's soft voice asks me.

"You got mad at Adam and Spike showed up." He looks at me in confusion.

"Then what are we doing here?" He asks.

"Well I took him here to distract him," I say trying not to look him in the eye.

"It worked," he says. Well it did work but I was kinda having fun.

"It did." It's been forever since Chase and I last did 'something'.

"But Spike isn't the only one who needs a distraction sometimes, you know?" He says lifting my face up

"Really?" I say tempting.

His lips connect with mine, his hands go all down to my ass and he holds it. My fingers play with his hair, enjoying every piece of him. He lifts his hands up to my brests and squeezes them, making me moan a little. He grabs his change while my lips are open and lets his tongue slip into my mouth. Starting some kind of wrestling game with mine. I really missed this. He pulls my shirt, hinting me to take it off. I take of my shirt together with his and let my hands run all down his chest, till his pants. He kisses me more passionated. I slowly let my hand slip into his pants making him moan. I'm pretty sure Adam must've heard us by now. But I don't care and I am pretty sure Chase doesn't either. He takes off my skirt and throws it on the floor.

"You won't be needing this anymore," he mutters in my ear.

"And you really don't need this." I say in his chest while pulling down his pants. 

Our bare skin touching each other feels great.

And that is how our amazing night ended


Hey guys I just wanted to thank you for reading my book. I haven't recieved any requests so please do :) 

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