Intruder (Part 2)

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Part two for you guys! Since I started writing this part I noticed I might even want to make a part three. If you guys would like that, Comment.

Chase POV 
"Krane's still out there. He can control us whenever he wants," I tell everyone after hugging them. "He can't control all of you, only Chase. I managed to block the triton app on Adam and Bree but for some reason it won't work with you," he informs me. "Then we gotta get rid of it," I say. "Get rid of what?" Bree asks confused.
"The triton app," Mr Davenport says.
"And that can only be done by getting rid of my chip," I explain. "Wait, you're giving up being bionic?" Adam asks confused. "If that's the only way to protect you guys from me, then yes," I say doubtless. Alice is still holding me and my arm is rapped around her shoulders. "I'm sure there's another way, right?" Alice says hopefully. "I don't know, we have to wait for another attack from Krane to know," Mr Davenport explains. "Until then go to sleep," he orders. We all leave to our room, taking Alice with us so she can rest on the couch. We all fall asleep quickly.

It's been two weeks since the last take over from Krane. Mr Davenport refused to take away my chip just yet. I'm training the students who don't know exactly what's going on, they don't know I can turn into some maniac every second now. "Move tour weight to your left leg, Kate," I tell Kate and she follows. "More power behind that punch," I tell another student. "Hey Chase, how's it going?" Mr Davenport asks when he enters the room. "Great," I tell him. "Well that's good, maybe he's given up," Mr Davenport says. "Like I would ever give up," I say, but also don't say. I didn't mean to say it. "What?" Mr Davenport looks worried. "Chase? Chase what's going on?" He yells. "I-I don't know!" I exclaim back in control. "What happened?" He asks me. "I don't know. The one time I'm in control and the next time my mouth is saying words I did not agree to," I explain to him. He looks at me worried before taking my arm and dragging me into the mentors room where everyone is currently minding their own business. 

"I want to do a check on your chip," Mr Davenport informs me. "Now!" He yells. "Donnie what's wrong?" Douglas asks. Everyone is waiting for an answer. "The one moment I was talking to Chase and told him that Krane might have given up," he explains. "The next thing he says is 'Like I would ever give up'. He snapped out of it after saying that and confessing he wasn't in control but could see what easy happening," Mr Davenport continues explaining. Everyone looks a bit confused and shocked. Mr Davenport pushes me into my capsule and starts to scan my chip, no one says a word. "Your chip seems yet again fine," Mr Davenport says hopelessly. "Look, I know things aren't looking that good right now, but if we take out my chip, things will be fine. It'll be only temporary and-" I want to finish my sentence, I really do, but I can't. "If you would have been a better scientist this wouldn't have happened in the first place," I say instead. "I know and I'm sorry, I should've known about this," he says. Mr Davenport it's Krane! Is all I want to say right now, but I can't. Unlike last time  I am fully aware of what's happening. It's pretty weird. My body starts talking again. "You should be, you are the one who did this to your own son!"

"Chase! That's enough!" Bree says angrily. "He didn't mean to," says Alice. "But he did do it," my body says. "What has gotten into you? Why are you acting like a jerk- ooooh I know why!" Leo exclaims. "Really?" My body says sarcastically. "Leave my brother alone!" Leo yells at me while shaking my body. I knock him off me even though I don't want to. "What?" Mr Davenport asks confused. "It's Krane! He has control over him again!" Leo yells from the ground, my body gives him a dead glare, I can feel it. With a swift move my body jumps on Leo and folds my hands around his neck. My hands get tighter and Leo starts gasping for air. "Let go of him!" Bree exclaims while she uses her superspeed to try to knock me over, she fails because my body activates my forcefield and knocks her over. "Bree!" Mr Davenport yells. I can't see what's happening since my body is focusing on chocking my stepbrother. "Chase! You have to stop he's dying!" Yells Adam. "Blast him," Mr Davenport says emotionless. "But-" Adam protests. "No but, blast him" And he does, Adam sends his blast wave towards me. It hits me with a lot of pain and I realise I'm back in control.
"Chase!" Adam exclaims.
"He's gone, there's no way he survived that," Mr Davenport says sadly. I can hear them vaguely since I'm covered by rocks and dust. "I did survive!" I try to yell, but it sounds more like whispering. Unfortunately I'm the one with bionic hearing, not them. Everyone leaves the room, thinking I'm dead.

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