Forbidden Love

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Chase POV
The Morning alarm goes off. I step out of my capsule, together with Adam and Bree. We are training the student today, just like always. I walk into the cafeteria for breakfest. Everyone is sitting at their tables with sleepy eyes. I don't have them since I'm used to getting up so early. Sitting over there a bit lonely is Evaila, or how I like to call her, Eva. She's one of my friends. I secretly have a small crush on her but I'll never admit it since I'm a mentor and she's a student. "Hey Chase," she says once she notices me. I walk over to the table she's sitting on. "Hey Eva," I say with a smile. Soon Bree, Adam and Leo join us. "Hey Evaila," Bree greets. Almost everyone calls her Evaila, everyone except for me. "Chase can I talk to you?" Bree asks nodding towards the door. "Sure," I say a little confused. I go after Bree. "Do you like Evaila?" Bree asks once I close the door. "Eva? What are you talking about?" She rolls her eyes at my respond. "You know exactly what I mean," she says a little annoyed. "I never get a girl remember? I'll spend my life alone. What makes you think I have a crush on her?" She thinks about what I said for a minute before saying something pretty interesting. "I just know she has a crush on you." My head turns to her swiftly. "Just admit it! You have a crush on her. I won't tell Mr Davenport," says Bree. "No! I do not have a crush on her!" I exclaim, she looks at me weirdly. "Okay, maybe," I say giving in. "I knew it!" Bree yells in satisfaction. "So it's true? Mr 'I always follow the rules' has a secret crush on one of his students," Bree states. "Yes, that's true. But it won't happen," I say. "Why not? You guys are cute, and the same age," she says, she's right, we're both 18. "I won't tell Mr Davenport, promise. But you have got to make your move," Bree says. "Fine," I give in. We walk back to our table, everyone gives us a weird look. "What was that all about?" Leo asks. "Nothing, I just had to ask Chase something," I nod in agreement. I eat my breakfest and leave to prepare my lessons.
"Hey," I hear Eva's voice from behind. I swiftly turn around to meet her gaze. "Hey," I softly say. "What are you doing?" She asks looking at the tech I was working on. "Oh nothing really, just fixing some broken stuff," I say. "Can I see?" She asks with a shy tone in her voice. "Sure," I softly say and let her look. She smiles a little. "You should connect these two wires," she says pointing at a red and a green one. I follow her instruction and connect them. The machine works perfectly. "Thanks," I say. "You're welcome," says Eva. I am only inches away from her face right now, and I'm leaning in closer. I was about to actually kiss her when Mr Davenport walks in, thanks to my super hearing I heard him in time. I step back from Eva. "Chase, can you help me?" Mr Davenport asks. "Oh, hey Evaila," he adds once he sees her with me. "Yeah sure," I say following him out of the room, I look back once more. Finding her staring at me.

Evaila's POV

Chase Davenport. I can't seem to get him off my mind lately. I definitely have a crush on him, but I'm sure he doesn't. I mean, he would never disobey the rules. I had to tell someone about my secret, so I decided to tell Bree. Maybe not the smartest choice since she's Chase's brother but okay. And just a few seconds ago we almost kissed. Well I think he was about to kiss me. Or I hope, could be both. "Yeah sure," Chase responds to Mr Davenport's ask for help. I really wish he hadn't come. Chase walks away and I look at him till the last second. Meeting his eyes for just a second. Then I'm alone. It's just me standing in the training area, all alone. At least that's what I though. "Did he just almost kiss you?!" I hear Bree's voice breaking the silence. "Maybe. I don't know," I answer honestly. "Well, just so you know, he has a crush on you too," she says with a grin covering her face. "What?" I ask a little to enthusiastic. "You heard me. I had a nice talk with him this morning remember, I pushed him until he admitted the truth," she says proudly. "The truth? What truth?" I ask, pretty confused about the situation. "That he likes you, more than he should," she says before swiftly turning around and walking out the door. Is she lying? Or does Chase really like me? She said she wanted us together, did she mean it? Questions overload my head, but no answers are to be found. The only way to find out whether he actually likes me is to ask him.

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