Chapter 1

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AN: Here's a chapter. Happy reading, I suppose. Wow, writing the first chapter is always the hardest part of the story, next to the last chapter >n<

Dedication: ChasingAshton

"Ashton, I love you!"

"Marry me, Ashton!"

"Look over here!"

"You're hot as fuck!"

"Have sex with me!"

Those are just some of the things I hear when I walked out of the hotel building to the large black van I was to take to the studio. A bunch of security men were pushing my fans back, so they couldn't get to me. A smirk formed on my face when I saw that some of the girls who were here to see me were crying and screaming and having heart attacks at the sight of me.

Oh, how I love being famous.

Some of the girls tried to grab at my arm, but I kept myself as far away from their reach as possible. First of all, I was already late and have no time for my fans to stall me. Secondly, I was currently wearing my favorite shirt and had no intention on letting a fan ruin it, just because she wants to touch me.

"Please, Ashton!" one of them exclaimed. Sorry, babe. Not today.

I climbed into the black vehicle and the door shut behind me. Soon all the girls swarmed around the van, like they were going to be able to magically pass through the door and be inside the car with me.

I removed the sunglasses I wore on my face and hung them on my jacket. I looked at the driver as I ran my fingers through my wavy hair, causing the hood I had on my head to fall.

"Step on it," I ordered.

"B-But the girls," he pointed out, but I shook my head.

"They'll move. Just shut up and drive." I leaned back into my seat and pulled out my phone, immediately shooting a text to Calum Hood, one of the people I'm writing a new song with.

Yes, I sing. I'm a solo artist who's got tons of fame and money. A majority of the human population love me, some look up to me, and the rest hate me. I don't really care much of anyone else on this planet. As long as I'm alive and breathing, why would anyone else matter to me?

You're probably wondering about my fans, right? Well, I do love them. They're the reason why I'm at the top of the charts nowadays and it's all thanks to them and their support. But I've no time for them. The only time I get to meet a fan is through a signing, and even then I don't even bother to remember my fans' names or faces. I mean, the most important person to me in this world is me.

No, I don't care much of my family. In fact, I hate my family. I'm not even going to go into detail about them. They don't deserve any of my time.

I don't have that many friends. The only people I ever hang out with are Calum and my manager, Michael, but I can't exactly consider them as my friends.

I heard my phone beep and I looked down to see that Calum had replied to my message.

[From: Calum Hood]
I've been waiting for an hour! You're burning daylight, Irwin!

Ugh, I hate my last name with a burning passion. I wish I could change it to something else. Irwin sounds too geeky and dorky. The next time Calum addresses me by my last name, I'm going to bury him six feet underground.

[To: Calum Hood]
Calm yourself, Cal. I'm on my way. I just got held up by fans, that's all.

When Calum texted me back I ignored it and decided to just go on Twitter and tweet something stupid that'll instantly get thousands of retweets and likes in a minute. I'm just going out and people will send me replies, like how social I am or how amazing that is or how they wish they were me.

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