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Lashton•Instagram by lovetobepink
Lashton•Instagramby lovetobepink
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Punks Meet Flower Crowns >> Lashton AU ✔️ by mikellyart
Punks Meet Flower Crowns >> ot7 trash
[COMPLETED] "Because I'm dumb. I'm scared. I'm a coward. I can't come to terms with anything. I love him but I'm not capable of loving him. Does that make sense?&qu...
My Bad [Lashton AU] by iCheeseYou
My Bad [Lashton AU]by closed.
"What if I have a tiny crush on a guy who doesn't even know I exist? How do I get his attention?" Ashton finally gets it, but not in a way he thought he'd get...
The Bodyguard [Lashton AU] by iCheeseYou
The Bodyguard [Lashton AU]by closed.
Ashton Irwin is a hot and famous celebrity that all the people love, look up to, or despise. He's cocky, selfish, and always puts himself before others. Despite his pers...
7-Eleven [Lashton AU] by iCheeseYou
7-Eleven [Lashton AU]by closed.
Ashton Irwin is a master of thievery. He steals from general stores, food markets, jewelry shops, museums, and people's homes. Never once did he get caught nor did anyon...
Authority || Lashton ✔️ by lame_lashton
Authority || Lashton ✔️by ♡ Alex ♡
"In all our lives, there is a fall from innocence. A time after which we are never the same." ...
oreo // lashton by xxx17-
oreo // lashtonby j
5 Seconds of Summer & One Direction -crossover- Multiple Ships. warnings: triggering. anorexia, self-harm, depression, bullying, swearing. Disclaimer: I do not own anyo...
veracity • lashton by urlashton
veracity • lashtonby ㅤ
SEQUEL OF „NOTICE" A year after a series of unfortunate events, Ashton is healthy and Luke is back. So, what now? [lashton with a side of malum]
Never Be || Lashton (BoyxBoy) by Van971
Never Be || Lashton (BoyxBoy)by Vanessa
In a world where soulmates are the norm and being connected means sharing their partner's deepest emotions, Luke Hemmings knows his soulmate has suffered more than most...
shadows - lashton by ninjaturtleirwin
shadows - lashtonby .
"Vampires aren't real, everyone knows that." --- Where Ashton's infatuation with a boy of another kind leads to a whole load of trouble. (In the process of be...
PHONE TALK: LASHTON by 1940sluke
luke has a hard time talking to people he is not familiar with, but ashton, has no problem with that. (wattpad has erased chapter one for literally no apparent reason wh...
texting → lashton by lashtonnn
texting → lashtonby aiden
"ashton: good morning lucas" "luke: i hate you"
Sex Adventures with Lashton by LashtonsLollipops
Sex Adventures with Lashtonby ari ;$
The feeling of his body pressed up against mine was the only thing I longed for.
Disconnected ; Lashton by 0z0mbie
Disconnected ; Lashtonby zombi3
Luke is left mute from the trauma of being shunned by his father after coming out as trans. He's hurt, alone, and self destructive. He blames himself for every little th...
Radiant (Lashton) by Lashtonlovechild
Radiant (Lashton)by Disastrous Bisexual
"Calum, he's just so...radiant" "No shit Luke, you stare at him like he's the freaking sun" *** The one where Ashton's just so radiant, and Luke can'...
beauty and the beast // lashton ✔️ by StyPotter
beauty and the beast // lashton ✔️by [hiatus]
❝He has until his 21st birthday to find true love. If he doesn't, well- if he doesn't find true love we are cursed forever. Time is running out.❞ where luke saves his br...
luke is the leader of the bad boys at school, aka the thunderbirds, and has a reputation to uphold. but it's hard to do that when there's a certain cute nerdy boy stand...
Under the Sea - L.H. + A.I. by AshThatDrmmrGrl
Under the Sea - L.H. + Hiatus Because I'm 🗑
Meet Luke Hemmings. Luke was a spectacular teenage kid: star football (American) player with promise to go into the NFL. His grades were perfect and he was the mos...
Mermaids ☯ lashton au by pigletmichael
Mermaids ☯ lashton auby pigletmichael
"So you don't have a willy?" [ 1st place in the "Undiscovered Lashton stories" - Bromace Awards 2014 ]
colours // l.h.+a.i. ✔️ by StyPotter
colours // l.h.+a.i. ✔️by [hiatus]
ashton is an art student who is infatuated with his punk classmate luke art student!ashton tattooed!luke highest rank- #331 Short Story Copyright - All Rights Reserved @...