Chapter 2

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Charles woke up before Sharpe and held his stomach in pain. He looked over at Sharpe and sighed softly. He debated on waking him up. "Fucking hell..." The German mumbled to himself. Sharpe heard him and rubbed his eyes. "Charles...? You ok...?" The sleepy man asked in concern. Charles forced himself up and stepped outside to vomit up blood. Sharpe was awake instantly and went over to him. The englishman rubbed Charles back as he vomited.

A few of the medical staff noticed and rushed over in concern. Iris was nowhere to be seen. "Are you ok?!" Doctor Nightshade asked in concern. "Where's Iris?" Sharpe asked. "Hes with the general right now. But what's with the blood puking?" Byron chimed in. "He got shot on the field from what I assume." Sharpe was trying so desperately to hide the fact Charles was German. "Christ..." Nightshade mumbled and helped Charles back into bed once he finished vomiting. "You can get food, Sharpe. He'll be fine with us." Nightshade said in a soft tone. "I can't do that, I need to stay with Charles. Iris even gave me the order to." Sharpe said confidently. "Can you at least go to the canteen and tell Donald we have an extra soldier here? It'll help to ensure he gets food. Plus, I'm sure he would want his own water." Byron said. "Can't someone else go...?" Sharpe whined. The doctors gave him a look that meant no. "Ok fine..." He huffed and walked off to the mess hall. "Let's get you some medicines. It'll make it much easier. Seeing how Iris isn't here anyhow..." Byron said as the two doctors got to work.

Sharpe walked over to where the dining hall was. He knocked on the door then headed into the kitchen. Donald was writing down what he needed for food. "Oh, hello there." Donald said as he set his pen down to look at Sharpe. "Byron and Nightshade sent me over. We have a new soldier in the medical bay." "Well, I'm glad you let me know." Donald said as he wrote himself a note. He then handed Sharpe a metal canteen. "Give this to the soldier over there." Donald said. "Thank you, Donald. I really do appreciate you." Sharpe said with a smile. "Oh, and tell Byron I refrigerated that medicine." "Will do, thanks again!"

Charles hissed in pain when he was injected with a painkiller. He wasnt a fan of how English were so slow. He was used to a fast injection. He was trying to not speak much though. It was in fear of what the English would do to him. The poor German was already a sex toy to his officers. So he didn't want to imagine what the English could do. It was war after all. He felt his eyes get watery and closed them tight. "Not much longer until it takes effect." Byron stated as he began to put away his medical supplies. "I wanna home..." Charles squeaked out softly as he held back his tears. "Dont we all..." Nightshade mumbled with a sigh. "It'll be ok though." Byron reassured the German. "NO IT WONT!" Charles snapped and then cried in pain. "Dont stress yourself." Nightshade got a sedative ready and Byron injected it. Charles was out like a light once the fluid was inside of him. "I really hate having to do this, but he's gonna hurt himself if we don't." Byron said with a sigh. "If it means we save a life, I really don't care." Nightshade commented.

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