Chapter 10

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Charles had woken up and was scared to death. The man slowly got up and looked at Sharpe. He was flickering from reality and illusion. He put a hand over Sharpes mouth. Sharpe's eyes snapped open and he stared at Charles. Charles had shaky breath. Sharpe slowly sat up and watched as his friend tensed. "Shh...I'm not gonna hurt you." Sharpe softly reassured.

Charles hugged his friend close with no warning and burst into tears. Sharpe pulled him close and kissed him on the cheek. "Shh...I'm here...its ok.." Sharpe said as his friend dug his nails into him in the tight hug. Sharpe tensed from the pain but didn't let go. Charles wailed and clung onto his friend for dear life.

The doctors peeked out to see if the men were ok. Sharpe mouthed to them. "We're fine." The doctors nodded and went back into their room. Sharpe cradled his friend and they embraced in each other's warmth. "A-aarron..." Charles choked out through sobs. Sharpe nuzzled him and they clung to one another for dear life.

"THE WAR IS OVER!!!" A man screeched as he ran through the camp in excitement. Sharpe and Charles were still fast asleep together. The friends were terrified of loosing each other again. They had survived absolute hell. But the duo were the best of friends. They were ripped apart but determined to embrace their friendship.

Iris cringed at the joy pills that were packed into crates. "They're mandatory. There is no exception." A constable stated. "What are they exactly....?" Nightshade questioned. "You'll have to take those questions up to Mr. Haworth." The bobby stated bluntly. Iris picked up a pill and stared at it. "Let's just hope this doesnt kill us...." He muttered as Nightshade had a look of concern on his face.

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