Chapter 1

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Blood...that was all around us....The death and gore splatters. It was inescapable. Haunted by the shrieks of pain before a brutal death. It was real. Our reality.

Aaron Sharpe was a soldier of the English army. He tried to stay out of the fighting aspects though. He was much more useful without having guns to worry about. He was currently helping in the infirmary. "Sharpe, we need more herbs. Can you head to the cellar please?" Doctor Iris asked politely. "Of course!" He said as he strapped his packs on. "Give me 40 minutes give or take." He smiled before heading out. The cellar was critical for the medical team. They stored their medicines there.

The young soldier opened the door and headed down the ladder. He began to fill his packs with the needed medicines. He heard noise outside and blinked. "That's....weird..." He closed his bags and went up the ladder. He looked horrified at the sight he was welcomed to.

It was a german soldier who had been shot badly. He looked up at Sharpe in absolute terror. He cowered a bit as he expected the Englishman to beat him to death. Sharpe knelt down and examined him. The german flinched and vomited up blood. The English soldier ignored it and saw the bullet wound. "We need to get you to medical care." Sharpe said as he helped the German up. Charles draped his arm on the man and cried. He gurgled blood and vomited it onto his green uniform. "We've got the best doctors. I refuse to let you die." Sharpe said as they got to the medical units.

"Oh hey, did you get-" Iris' eyes widened. "Relax, hes hurt. He needs us to help him." Sharpe insisted. "He's a GERMAN!!! Hes part of the problem!!" Iris said as Sharpe helped Charles sit on a bed. "IVE SEEN TO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE DIE, IRIS!!!!! HES A HUMAN!" Sharpe snapped in full rage. "...I swear to god that you're insane..." Iris mumbled as Sharpe unloaded the medical supplies from his pouches. "He bleeds red like we do. He deserves to be saved. Isn't that what we learned? To value every life?" Sharpe questioned much to the doctors dismay.

Iris began to treat the injured German as Sharpe guarded the tent. He was determined to save this man's life. "Well thankfully the bullet went fully through. It didn't hit anything vital too." Iris said as he stripped the soldier of his coat and shirt. "You better lend him one of your spare uniforms. This needs burning. We dont need anyone knowing..." Iris said as he pulled off Charles pants. The german was too hurt to care of the color he wore. He was just sick of red.

It was sometime later. Charles had fully blacked out from the shock wearing off. Sharpe had fetched a spare uniform he had. Iris had slipped the pants onto Charles. They had burned his German clothes as well. It wasnt uncommon to see German clothing being burned. It was a good way to get a laugh to them. They barely had anything to keep spirits high.

Sharpe gently ran his fingers through Charles long hair. "I hope he's up soon..." Sharpe said worridly. "I hope the general never comes in this tent..." Iris mumbled as he rewrapped the gause on Charles torso. "I couldn't just let him die out there you know." Sharpe stated. "He's on the enemy's side, Sharpe. That's why we're at a risk." Iris replied. "Enemy is a strong word you know. He's a human like us." Sharpe kept brushing Charles hair with his fingers. "You're way too caring, Sharpe." "I swore to protect, even if I'm not holding a gun." Sharpe looked at Iris with tears in his eyes. "You can sleep in my cot tonight. Since I know you'll never want to be separated from him." Iris said as he motioned to the second cot in the tent. "Thank you, Iris." Sharpe said with a thankful smile. "Just please be careful..." "Always am." "Donald should be coming soon to deliver food. He always brings extra. So your lucky for the German. I'll grab some and bring it back when he comes." Iris smiled kindly and headed out.

Charles eyes fluttered open and he let out a groan. "Oh, hello!" Sharpe said happily. " saved my life." Charles looked at him with tears in his eyes. "Dont cry, please. Also Iris did most of the work, I just brought you here." Sharpe said shespishly. "But....why?" Charles asked as he tried to sit up. Sharpe stopped him before he got hurt. "All life deserves to be saved. Oh! I never introduced myself, how rude of me...I'm Aaron Sharpe." He said with a genuine smile. "I'm Charles." He looked up at the Englishman and then teared up. "Please dont cry... I promise your safe here." Sharpe reassured him and gently hugged him while he lay. Charles sobbed into his chest and clung to him. "Shhh.... You're safe with me." He gave the soldier a kiss on the forehead to reassure him. "I promise."

The tent flap opened to Iris holding food. "I brought you two some food. I'm eating in the mess hall since I've got a meeting with the other doctors. Oh, you've woken. I'm Doctor Iris." Iris sat the two bowls of stew on a small table that had a few books on it. "I'm Charles..." The german mumbled, knowing he was hated. "Its very nice to meet you, Charles. I'll be in mess hall of you need me." Iris said before leaving. Sharpe helped prop up Charles with pillows. The German couldnt sit up on his own and was struggling bad. "Do you want me to feed you?" Sharpe asked with a smile. "I think I'm fine....but seriously. Why don't you shoot me? Its so obvious I'm not welcomed..." He sighed and looked down. "Because I care and I'm so sick of death. We've lost too many lives to just pointlessly kill." He said as he ate a spoonful of his stew. Charles followed suit and ate slowly. "How did you get roped into being in the war? You seem more of a civilian then a fighter." Charles asked before shoving the full spoon into his mouth. "That's the thing, I'm not a fighter. I'm more of a help to the medical bay. They need soldiers, but the medical team is just as important." He smiled kindly. The englishman grabbed his canteen and helped Charles drink before he took a drink as well. "Thank you, Sharpe." "Please, call me Aaron." He smiled kindly and they continued to eat. It was bliss to Sharpe to have company.

"Thank you for fighting." Sharpe said as they finished eating. "Thank you for saving me." Charles said as he was helped to lay down. "I'm usually alone here you know....but now, I'm very happy. Because you're here." He smiled at Charles before getting into Iris' cot. "Goodnight, Charles. Please dont hesitate to wake me if you need something." Sharpe said kindly. "Thank you." Charles said before falling into slumber. Sharpe blew out the flame in the lantern and fell into his own sleep. And for was dreams rather then the horrid nightmares. This was his saving grace.

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