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We Happy Fluff (NEW BOOK IS LIVE) by Uncle__Jack
We Happy Fluff (NEW BOOK IS LIVE)by Winston's Baby Boy
🚨🚨🚨🚨REQUESTS ARE PERMANENTLY CLOSED🚨🚨🚨🚨 Image from compulsion games twitter.! W O O THIS IS GONNA BE CHAOTIC
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Trail Of The Fireflies by Uncle__Jack
Trail Of The Firefliesby Winston's Baby Boy
Jack Worthing has a terrible secret. He has to hide away from the world but be the face of Wellington Wells. His constable knows the truth but guards him. This is gonna...
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Baby Jack and Stevens by Uncle__Jack
Baby Jack and Stevensby Winston's Baby Boy
Just some silly shenanigans. This is abdl stuff. But please understand its got regressing. Im writing this to have something relaxing haha. Dont bloody sexualize it or...
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The Baron's Daughter. by Prettylittlestorm
The Baron's Awesome people
Lies. Betrayal. Loss. Innocence. Fear. Florence never really knew the meaning of these words, truly, until that day when her father got arrested. That was the day e...
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The Adventures Of Little Jack And Daddy Stevens (Complete) by EccentricMethod
The Adventures Of Little Jack Pharmacist
***The person who requested this asked for me to mark the book as complete*** This is a comission, it is ABDL, it is NON sexual. Dont like it? Dont read it! Absolutely N...
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Mother Faraday by EccentricMethod
Mother Faradayby Pharmacist
In search of a way to make herself more youthful in appearance, Dr. Helen Faraday creates what she thinks is the cure all to her problem. Like any good scientist you nee...
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A Constable's Job (we happy few) by Uncle__Jack
A Constable's Job (we happy few)by Winston's Baby Boy
Short stories about the constables of Wellington Wells. Might add a plot later down the line. But hope you all enjoy for now! Also wanted to add that I'm gonna water do...
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Our Little Secret by Uncle__Jack
Our Little Secretby Winston's Baby Boy
A fetish book! WARNING: PISS. What happens when a constable falls for a wellie? Specificlly a wellie who knows how to take control.
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Г°We Happy Few Oneshots and Smuts°¬ by AyItsYaBoi
Г°We Happy Few Oneshots and Smuts°¬by Dummy Dum
I'm on a WHF craze right now so-- I did the cover and made the Bobby a sexy beast-
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A Constable and their child (self insert owo) by Uncle__Jack
A Constable and their child ( Winston's Baby Boy
Might make this a mini series! Constable Constable has a small child. But nobody knows...or do they? A we happy few story. This was a request but I thought I'd do more...
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Baby Jack (We Happy Few) by Uncle__Jack
Baby Jack (We Happy Few)by Winston's Baby Boy
What happens when the face of Wellington Wells suddenly becomes a child? Find out here!! Abdl themes present. Regression especially. NO SEXUAL STUFF!!!
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The Constable and a Duo (ABDL) by Uncle__Jack
The Constable and a Duo (ABDL)by Winston's Baby Boy
Inspired by the lovely Irl_Verloc (fuckin love her work). What happens when a tv host finds out hes got a double?
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We Happy Few Fluff oneshots 2!!! by Uncle__Jack
We Happy Few Fluff oneshots 2!!!by Winston's Baby Boy
So um. It appears you can only do 200 chapters per book. NEW BOOK TIME XD
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Beautiful Face by Uncle__Jack
Beautiful Faceby Winston's Baby Boy
A horror fanfiction about We Happy Few. Abdl themes will be involved because it makes me happy. What happens when someone is different? When they cannot fit in. THERE W...
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Flashpoint Bf Scenarios (Requests Open!) by Constipated-Potato
Flashpoint Bf Scenarios ( Bøhnes
So hii everyone, I have been writing for quite a while on various accounts (that I do not want affiliated with dis one, oof) and I decided to create a book of one-shots...
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Raspberry Joy  by Uncle__Jack
Raspberry Joy by Winston's Baby Boy
A We Happy Few short story by me. There's a new flavor of joy. But will it be worth it? Could it be stronger then BlackBerry?
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My Sweet Strawberry by Uncle__Jack
My Sweet Strawberryby Winston's Baby Boy
Wellington Wells hasn't seen a child in ages. One constable has enough of it. Feeling all hope is lost. That there will never be another child. But he finds something th...
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The Raspberry Joy  by Uncle__Jack
The Raspberry Joy by Winston's Baby Boy
Why do I get new story ideas? HECK. This is kinda of a continuation of my Raspberry Joy story.
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3 bobbos and Arthur's babies by Uncle__Jack
3 bobbos and Arthur's babiesby Winston's Baby Boy
IDK WHAT TO TITLE THIS. IS BANKS OFF MY TERRIBLE BOBBO SMUT XD Basically 3 bobbos got Arthur preggo and now there's triplets. Mpreg present (duh). I am we happy few tras...
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A shattered mask  by Darkangel405
A shattered mask by Darkangel405
Dr Defoe has become a downer. He finally sees wellington wells for what it truly is. Meanwhile Dr Verloc is trying to get the new flavour of joy to fully work.
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