Chapter 9

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Charles was incredibly scared when anyone even looked at him. Sharpe refused to leave the medical bay just to be with him. Charles was heavily sedated most of the time due to him lashing out. The german was fast asleep and sharpe knelt on the floor beside him. He would draw shapes into his friend's palm using his fingers. "I need you...." Sharpe whispered as tears ran down his cheeks.

The day went by and Sharpe was allowed to stay. He had argued with the doctors to let it happen. He laid in the cot that was closest to Charles and cried himself to sleep. It took a toll on him to know his best friend was suffering. Sharpe dug his nails into his pillow as he hugged onto it. Tears continued to run down as he slept. He couldn't shake the nightmares away.

Iris walked into the small sleeping quarters the doctors all shared. "We need to do something for those two." Iris said bluntly. "Who? Sharpe and the German?" Mars asked. "Charles..." Iris hissed at him and Mars smiled sheepishly. "What can we do? We can't just make them forget? And Sharpe's been a trainwreck all week since he came back." Nightshade said before taking a drink of coffee. "We can't just let the two of them suffer like this. That and I dont feel good sedating every hour..." Iris said with a frown. "We all want to help them. But the question we face, is how?" Nightshade said as he offered Iris some coffee. Iris took the cup and sipped from it. "Someone mentioned a drug that blurs memories." Mars said and the other two doctors looked at him in confusion. "Really now?" Iris asked in curiosity.

Sharpe woke up from a nightmare and clutched his chest. He was sweating and hyperventilating. He looked over at Charles and sighed softly. "Please dont let the nightmares become reality..."

"It's some weird drug they plan to ship soon. The war is at an end so I mean...." Mars said. "What is this drug though?" Nightshade pressed on. "I think its called Joy." Mars responded. "Some people should not be allowed to name drugs..." Iris mumbled. "But its going to be a mandatory drug. For us all. That's what I've heard at least." "Odd..." Iris said in confusion.

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