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We have to come to terms. by WritingTrashTM
We have to come to terms.by WritingTrashTM
This will be a story about what comes after the ending of We happy Few
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Mother Faraday by EccentricMethod
Mother Faradayby Pharmacist
In search of a way to make herself more youthful in appearance, Dr. Helen Faraday creates what she thinks is the cure all to her problem. Like any good scientist you nee...
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WHF Fanarts by Pinkamena205
WHF Fanartsby Pinkamena205
I left the whf fandom a year ago and this book will be completed but maybe someday i'll make another one of whf fanarts book if you like :)
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A we happy high school by WritingTrashTM
A we happy high schoolby WritingTrashTM
Whats a fandom without a high school au am I right?
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We Happy Fluff (NEW BOOK IS LIVE) by Uncle__Jack
We Happy Fluff (NEW BOOK IS LIVE)by Winston's Baby Boy
🚨🚨🚨🚨REQUESTS ARE PERMANENTLY CLOSED🚨🚨🚨🚨 Image from compulsion games twitter.! W O O THIS IS GONNA BE CHAOTIC
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RP book by Kagami09910
RP bookby GaK
What ever the chapter is about is what you can RP about.
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We Happy Few by Thicc_Boi_Soldiers
We Happy Fewby 🍖Thick Reg🍖
BoBbIeS None of the art is mine unless i state it
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Secret: We Happy Few Bobby x Reader by CuteGhostWriter
Secret: We Happy Few Bobby x Readerby Cute Ghost Writer
Various We Happy Few x Reader Stories
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We Happy Few Pictures by Quack_TheThots
We Happy Few Picturesby I Want To Die Now
Random photos of WHF Maybe some WHF Songs DEFINITELY BOBBY X ARTHUR SHIPS I guarantee this won't get noticed much but worth a try
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A whole new nick lightbearer  by Darkangel405
A whole new nick lightbearer by Darkangel405
This story takes place after the lightbearer DLC. After defeating foggy jack, nick says there will be a whole new nick lightbearer. Will he live up to that title?
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True Happiness (Bobby x male reader) by Miss_Scrub
True Happiness (Bobby x male reade...by Stick in a Jacket
I do not own any of the art shown in this book. The cover art is by Yiynova on tumblr. So I just got into this fandom and this game, so I may get a few things wrong. If...
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The Pill's Secret by pillsandpoetry
The Pill's Secretby Pee pee rockstar man
What if I told you those same happy pills were the secret to something horrifying. Our three main protagonists: Arthur, Sally and Ollie will go on a thrilling adventure...
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A Constable and their child (self insert owo) by Uncle__Jack
A Constable and their child (self...by Winston's Baby Boy
Might make this a mini series! Constable Constable has a small child. But nobody knows...or do they? A we happy few story. This was a request but I thought I'd do more...
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We happy few Oneshots by P0tato_child
We happy few Oneshotsby Oof
Credit to artist of cover
We Happy Few One Shots by CelestialShadowWolf
We Happy Few One Shotsby Lost in the Stars
These one shots will be with Arthur Hastings. I hope someone will read these because I've been having an amazing time with this game! Also, these are all Female Reader i...
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Our Little Secret by Uncle__Jack
Our Little Secretby Winston's Baby Boy
A fetish book! WARNING: PISS. What happens when a constable falls for a wellie? Specificlly a wellie who knows how to take control.
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We Happy Few - Role Reversal by LordKingdomStories
We Happy Few - Role Reversalby Purple27GameLord
If the We Happy Few characters switched roles, this is my interpretation on what the game could be like. Percy, Anton and Margaret have to find a way to escape Wellingto...
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Remnant's Happy Few (RWBY fanfiction) by dscore20
Remnant's Happy Few (RWBY fanficti...by Dscore20
We Happy Few, a game that was out for a while, but I have always loved the concept. Now let's mix it with the RWBY universe, and you've got a pretty Peachy-Keen Fanficti...
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A Constable's Job (we happy few) by Uncle__Jack
A Constable's Job (we happy few)by Winston's Baby Boy
Short stories about the constables of Wellington Wells. Might add a plot later down the line. But hope you all enjoy for now! Also wanted to add that I'm gonna water do...
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