Chapter 7

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Charles screamed as he was violated. "Ohhhh yesss~~!" The bastard man moaned out in bliss. "KILL ME!! KILL ME! KILL ME!! PLEASE KILL ME!!!" Charles screamed in desperation as he was fucked violently. "Such a noisy one~~!" The man sped up his pace and kept the crying man pinned down. "You're all mine~~." He said with a wicked grin.

Charles began to bite himself but was strapped down to the bed after the msn finished. "My cute little pet~~." He cooed as he strapped the scared man to the bed. Charles cried his heart out in fear. He had been raped over and over. The poor man just wanted to go home to Aaron. "Please....just kill me..." Charles squeaked out through tears. "And why would I do that? Hm?" "Please..."

Sharpe paced the camp as the day went by. He was terrified of something happening to Charles. The man was absolutely exhausted but refused to sleep. Iris and the other doctors considered sedation from concern. Iris walked up to Sharpe, he had fluids on his coat. "Sharpe?" He asked as he held a syringe out of Sharpes view. "What?" He asked without making eye contact. "You need to sleep, Sharpe. It isn't healthy for you to just stay up like this." He felt pained seeing how bad the man struggled. "I need to wait for him...." Sharpe yawned but forced himself awake. Iris pulled the syringe out and jabbed him gently. Sharpe tensed but then was knocked out. "Im sorry, but I refuse to let you get sick..." Iris tossed the used needle into a bin before carrying the unconcious man to the med bay. "I promise it'll be ok..." Iris said softly before laying the man in his own bed.

Sharpe had nightmares over his friend. He was drugged from the syringe, but still made faces. He was distressed from his nightmares. They scared him. He couldn't tell reality from dream at this point.

Charles vomited up semen as the man had finished using him. "You really need to learn to hold it down~. It is your treat after all~." He smirked at the pained man. "I want to die...."

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