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A we happy high school by WritingTrashTM
A we happy high schoolby WritingTrashTM
Whats a fandom without a high school au am I right?
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We have to come to terms. by WritingTrashTM
We have to come to terms.by WritingTrashTM
This will be a story about what comes after the ending of We happy Few
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We Happy Few Oneshots by FoxyEgg
We Happy Few Oneshotsby Eggo Weggo
Very creative title I know- Collection of We Happy Few smut and fluff.
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We Happy Few Fluff oneshots 2!!! by Uncle__Jack
We Happy Few Fluff oneshots 2!!!by Winston's Bitch
So um. It appears you can only do 200 chapters per book. NEW BOOK TIME XD
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We Happy Few - One shots by Xerothermal
We Happy Few - One shotsby Xerothermal
One shots for different characters! Requests are open until further notice, and I'll be updating as frequently as I can! (So like every day/other day)
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We Happy Fluff (NEW BOOK IS LIVE) by Uncle__Jack
We Happy Fluff (NEW BOOK IS LIVE)by Winston's Bitch
🚨🚨🚨🚨REQUESTS ARE PERMANENTLY CLOSED🚨🚨🚨🚨 Image from compulsion games twitter.! W O O THIS IS GONNA BE CHAOTIC
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We Happy Few by Thicc_Boi_Soldiers
We Happy Fewby 🍖Thick Reg🍖
BoBbIeS None of the art is mine unless i state it
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Golden father (Nick lightbearer X Vrigel)  by Darkangel405
Golden father (Nick lightbearer X...by Darkangel405
Nick lightbearer finds out he is pregnant. He can't have his fans knowing he has a baby, there hasn't been a baby in Wellington Wells for 17 years.
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Trail Of The Fireflies by Uncle__Jack
Trail Of The Firefliesby Winston's Bitch
Jack Worthing has a terrible secret. He has to hide away from the world but be the face of Wellington Wells. His constable knows the truth but guards him. This is gonna...
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A Constable and their child (self insert owo) by Uncle__Jack
A Constable and their child (self...by Winston's Bitch
Might make this a mini series! Constable Constable has a small child. But nobody knows...or do they? A we happy few story. This was a request but I thought I'd do more...
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The Pill's Secret by pillsandpoetry
The Pill's Secretby Pee pee rockstar man
What if I told you those same happy pills were the secret to something horrifying. Our three main protagonists: Arthur, Sally and Ollie will go on a thrilling adventure...
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Our Little Secret by Uncle__Jack
Our Little Secretby Winston's Bitch
A fetish book! WARNING: PISS. What happens when a constable falls for a wellie? Specificlly a wellie who knows how to take control.
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A Constable's Job (we happy few) by Uncle__Jack
A Constable's Job (we happy few)by Winston's Bitch
Short stories about the constables of Wellington Wells. Might add a plot later down the line. But hope you all enjoy for now! Also wanted to add that I'm gonna water do...
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we happy few :D by ieatpoosodoyou
we happy few :Dby the gayest
again this is trash random stuff?? ranging from one shots, artwork, dumb imagines, some stuff lmao what now WARNING THIS MAY BE SENSITIVE SO IF I PUT A W IN BRACKETS IN...
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Jack and Ollie: father and son by Uncle__Jack
Jack and Ollie: father and sonby Winston's Bitch
This is semi based off my abdl jack book. Just figured Id make this because I've got wholesome ideas.
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My Crazy Thoughts by SmilingCrime
My Crazy Thoughtsby Fallen Angel
Just my thoughts.
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India (We all fall down epilogue) by Darkangel405
India (We all fall down epilogue)by Darkangel405
After saving wellington wells, the town doesn't forgive Victoria. She makes her way to India to find her mum.
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Sally's London Adventure by QueenPaula19
Sally's London Adventureby Paula Gutierrez
After the event of Sally's story, Sally and her daughter Gwen return to London where she now lived London. She must goes to adventure around London, England.
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Song Covers based on roleplays  by Rae_Clockwork2
Song Covers based on roleplays by Raven Taylor
What the title says. Most of it is Hetalia roleplays.
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Raspberry Joy  by Uncle__Jack
Raspberry Joy by Winston's Bitch
A We Happy Few short story by me. There's a new flavor of joy. But will it be worth it? Could it be stronger then BlackBerry?
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