Chapter 5

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Sharpe went silent as he was let out of the room. He felt betrayed by everyone. He didn't even talk to Iris. The soldier felt as if everything had been ripped away. He felt alone.

"My Charles!" A familiar voice said to the scared man. "Those vulgar English trying to take you away...I'm so happy you're home." The man said in an unsettling voice. "P-please...." Charles was shaking and a wet spot formed on the front of his pants. "We have catching up to do." He smirked.

Sharpe curled up into a ball in his bed. Iris walked over. "You need to eat, Sharpe." The doctor urged gently. "Im not going near that traitor!!" Sharpe screamed at Iris with teary eyes. "How about you eat in the medical lounge with the team? We can discuss there." Iris said softly, desperate to keep the man safe. "Your friend would want you to be safe." Iris heard Sharpes breath hitch. "Please?" Iris asked and was relieved when sharpe followed him. The doctors already had their food delivered. Iris had requested an extra plate for Sharpe to eat with them. The staff all gave friendly waves to the upset man as he sat down.

Sharpe ate in silence as the doctors all talked together. Iris sat beside the saddened man but wasnt going to press him for conversation. Sharpe wiped his teary eyes a few times as he ate quietly. He had eaten in the bay before, but he was worried sick over Charles. He put his face into his hands and took shaky breaths. Iris took notice and rubbed his back gently. "Breathe and drink some water. "I hate this...." He said as Iris gently gave him the water to drink. Sharpe took a few sips then coughed. "Just breathe, Sharpe. You don't want to vomit from stress. Especially after you finished eating." "I want Charles..." He started to cry and Iris pulled him into a hug. The others fell silent as he cried. They began to clean up quietly. Sharpe wailed as he leaned on Iris. He was a crying mess. "CHARLESSSSSSS!!!" He cried out as his body trembled.

Charles was shaking as he put on his new uniform. It was much different then before. It stood out for sure. "I do hope you enjoy your new outfit. It was made just for you!" The man said as he groped Charles' ass. The man tensed up and stared at himself in the mirror. "We're never going to loose you ever again." The man smirked evily at him to which Charles began trembling. " more..." The man squeaked out. "The fun is just beginning." He smirked at the scared man.

(452 words. I had the idea and was gonna loose it if i didn't write it xD)

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