The Date

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A/N: The typos you guys find make me laugh probably way too hard. Like the miles carton one? Holy shit I laughed for at least a solid 5 minutes about it. Anyways, smaller update for tonight. Only around 4k words. We're getting into the part I'm super excited to write: the meeting between Adam and Y/N! As for the canon story, I'm going to continue following it loosely. I skipped over the beginning because most people usually start at initiation and I felt like I should do something different. Relationships with the girls will progress soon and you all will be able to make another choice in the next few chapters! This one is a bit unfinished, but I'm exhausted and I want to give you guys something to read. So I'm going back to the normal chapter schedule after this and, hopefully, no more weird days like yesterday and today. So look forward to it and I'll have the next chapter out tomorrow night! Thanks for all the support guys it really means a lot to me. Love ya!


"Can you stop calling me into my own mind? It's really been messing with me." Y/N said as he sighed. When he went to bed that night he had this weird feeling he was being watched. As per usual it was more than just Ozpin being a creep, but something a lot more...ethereal. Sure enough, when he finally fell asleep he found himself back in the void of darkness he found himself in before. Although this time instead of floating in it he was sleeping on a bed. He sat up and looked around for the two brothers. "So what do you want now? And I have a few questions of my own."

"You're becoming more confident in your position. That's good." Dark appeared as he floated in front of Y/N. "I figured you would've rejected your very own mindscape. The last mortal we talked to in this manner plunged the world into chaos."

"Oh well I'm so damn lucky right?" Y/N scoffed. "Where is Light. I want to ask you guys a few questions."

"I'm right here youngling." Light spoke up behind Y/N as he jumped.

"Can everyone stop scaring me?!" Y/M groaned. "Look before I even ask, why did you guys call me here?"

"You seem to be mistaken child." Dark said as he looked towards Light.

"You called us. Not vice versa." Light said as he snapped his fingers. "We are here to answer the things you have questions about. I figured with all of the knowledge given to you from last time you would have a number of questions."

"Ya don't say?" Y/N crossed his arms and looked at the floating beings. "Are you two capable of showing me the future?"

"May I inquire as to why you're asking?" Light said. "If you wish to see the future, I'm afraid we must decline. In doing so, we could destroy the fabric of reality. It is the same reason as to why I must answer your second question with a no. We cannot bring back the dead as we have sworn to stay away from meddling in mortal affairs for now."

"I figured it was too good to be true." Y/N sighed. "Look I've accepted Sienna is gone. Sure, it hurts. But she'd kill me if I wallowed in my own depression. But that's not what I came here for. I want to know if you guys showed me the future of my own life. I had this...dream. I was 10 years into the future and I had a bunch of wives...and kids. KIDS! That's a damn nightmare!"

"You're saying you saw a future possibility?" Dark said with a surprised tone. "We have done nothing to show you that. Yet the fact you saw some sort of vision of the future comes as a surprise."

"Now brother do not frighten the boy." Light spoke up placing a hand on his brothers shoulder. "What we mean Y/N, is that it shouldn't be possible for an ordinary mortal to have that kind of vision. What exactly did you see?"

"Like I said...I was in some throne room sitting on a throne. And sister was making out with me until she told me I was her husband. Everyone was acting like I was the king! One of the guards said I had unified Remnant 10 years ago and that I was the king of some army with each of the four maidens leading it. It was just...weird." Y/N said scratching his head. "What the hell is any of that supposed to mean?"

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