No Other Tricks (42)

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    “The fourth trial has been completed,” Aeress addressed all four judges. “No, that is not true, the Candor Trials have been completed.” 

    Guide Alejandra stood up, shaking her head with vigor. Her dark brown hair was frayed with stress. “You cannot declare this, any of it. The Candor Trials have not been completed. You have one trial remaining.” 

    “You do not tell Godhead what she can and cannot do. As Godhead, I command you.” Aeress was trying to best to reign in her temper. 

    Guide Declan slammed his hands down. “You have not been declared Godhead, you do not have power.” His heavily freckled face blush to a full-on red color. 

    Aeress took a threatening step forward and bared her fangs. “Would you like to test that theory, Guide?” She was fully prepared to hand out some whoop-ass to every single one of them. She was really getting sick of this whole situation!

    “We understand your frustration, Godhead,” Guide Amal spoke up, a more calm voice in the discussion. “We have waited thousands of years for this. These trials must be executed properly or they will be considered invalid.” 

    “Invalid?” Aeress repeated angrily. “My pain is invalid?” She raised her shirt to reveal the collection of scars. “Are these invalid?! I have displayed my power. I have no other tricks. There is nothing else to test!” 

    “There is though," Guide Declan responded smugly, "the fifth trial.” 

    “Tell me then!” She burst out with, “reveal this fifth trial so that we may finally move on.” 

    They looked to each other in uncertainty. They were having a silent conversation and Aeress was going to explode from the anticipation. “Aeress, you have completed the fourth trial, and now we move on to the fifth. Before we crown you queen, we must know for certain that you are the ultimate power of this world, and we can only know this if you defeat the current reigning power of this world.” 

    She tilted her head in confusion. “Who?” She froze when her eyes landed on Warrick. She shook her head. “No. I can't do that.” 

     "Does this mean you forfeit your right to the throne?" 

     "I can't kill my own mate!" She briefly looked over at Warrick who seemed just as startled. 

     "We are not asking you to kill him, he is too important of a figure to werewolf society, but you must prove you are capable of it if you wished it so. " 

     Aeress looked to Warrick again. She was panicking with every ounce of adrenaline her body could produce. "Please help me," she whispered. She didn't know what do to. 

     For a moment, he just stood there, so cold and blank. And then it was if he exploded. "Warrick, no!" she screamed. Her breath was stolen as he smashed his lips against hers, ravaging her mouth without ever once pausing. She was shocked and felt guilty for believing even for a split second that he would harm her, and melted into him. 

     She knew that there were so many onlookers, but at the same time she wanted the whole world to watch as Warrick so openly embraced her. She inhaled his scent and immediately was aflame with the desire to be completely overwhelmed by his presence. 

     He pulled away from her but did not let go. His eyes had a raging fire which would not and could not be controlled. Warrick was on the edge of his precious control and Aeress hoped she could handle when he finally fell. She couldn't look away if she tried. She was captured by his power and the way his body vibrated with heat and a barely contained fury. 

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