Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Previously on For the Love of Death:

“Pumpkin, I’m hurt. You went to a party and didn’t even think of inviting me.” A sardonic, silky voice floated in my head. I looked around, shocked at what I just heard. The word pumpkin made my blood run cold. The tugging feeling in my gut could no longer be ignored. As if they were commanded, my eyes moved to the outskirts of the room on their own accord. Leaning against the wall in all his supernatural glory, was non-other than Death himself.

Ah hell.


Saphira’s point of view

Fear rolled of my body in waves. I closed my eyes and wished with all my strength for him to disappear. I thought of all the innocent people he could hurt at the party…Aira, Kai, Hayden…just the thought of someone harming them made my heart clench painfully.

“Princess, I couldn’t let you attend this party without supervision. Judging by your tantalizing appearance and the way you hold onto that pathetic human, I’d say you have a little crush on him, don’t you?” Death said condescendingly.

I immediately looked up at Hayden and my eyes widened in realization. He didn’t notice the tension that racked of my body or the trembling of my knees. I don’t even think he knew who I was anymore. It was clear he was already under Death’s spell. His robotic movements were a huge tell-tale. His behavior was so close to zombie-like, that I pushed him away from me and ran towards the open door. I shoved people out of the way, some grunted out protests but I had no time to listen or apologize. I had to get away from that party and ensure the safety of my friends.

I had almost reached the door until Death got in my way and blocked my exit. I frantically ran the other way, hoping to get out before I get trapped. I started to feel dizzy from the fear that coursed through my veins. I reached the back yard which housed an average sized pool. The door slid shut behind me and I felt cool arms wrap around my waist as his glove-cladded fingers slither down my thighs. The intimacy of his touch made me shiver. I struggled to think coherently but I remembered my mission and snapped out of the hold Death had over me. I escaped his cold grasp and turned around to face him. He wore the same cloak that obscured his face, his muscles bulging in all the right places. He stood there like a lion awaiting its prey, reminding me all too much of the way he became intertwined with my life in the first place. “Are you done gawking princess? Although I must admit, my amazing body does have the ability to render people speechless.” The spawn of Satan said cockily.

“To be honest, I was wondering where your brain was, seeing as your head is so big. Figures you would be a brainless oaf. And don’t you dare touch me again. EVER.” I said viciously.

“Is that the best you’ve got? You have the bark of a puppy, sweet cheeks. ” He moved behind me lithely, surprising me. His breath fanned against my neck, “And what on hell will you do if I touch you Saphira,” he said, all the while sliding his hands higher up my thighs. I quaked at the thought of my body at the mercy of this unscrupulous immortal, and struggled to get out of his iron-grip.

“You are a weak and pitiful man. You care about nothing and no one. Why don’t you just kill me and take my soul. I was meant to die anyway. I don’t deserve to be touched by a creature as vile as you.” I spat at him, fuming at the way his hands roamed my body freely.

“You want to die, so be it.” And with that, he threw me into the icy depths of the pool. Before I had the chance to take a lungful of air, I was forced under water again. I knew I had been an idiot for thinking reverse psychology would work on a creature like him, but it was worth a shot if it meant he would forget about my friends. I could feel my will to fight diminish as the darkness threatened to take ahold of my subconscious. When my legs stopped kicking and my arms went limp he pulled me back to the surface and made me face him. He smiled cruelly at me and looked past me. I spluttered and coughed violently, breathing in deeply to satisfy my lungs. I turned around shakily only to find Hayden suspended in mid-air, his body completely still. I was paralyzed with undiluted anguish. Tears flooded my eyes and I tried to make my way towards him only to find that I really was paralyzed.

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