Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Previously on For the Love of Death…

“Saph what’s happening? Why are your hands glowing?”

This day was just full of surprises. I let go of my Mother’s hand and looked at my own in awe. The glowing faded and the heated feeling died down. I looked over at my mom and noticed that her skin was flushed and looked healthy. Her eyes no longer had dark bruises and her skin had warmed up considerably. I looked at Aira, astonishment evident on her features.

“Saph, how did you do that?” Aira asked slowly.

“I don’t know!”


Saphira’s point of view

I stared at my hands for a full half an hour, feeling as if I had lost the few fragments of my mind I had left. Aira was shocked into silence, and I began to worry about her. I clicked my fingers in front of her dazed grey eyes and yelped when she grabbed my hand. She peered at it, as if it were going to tell her the answers we’ve been asking ourselves for the past half an hour. I smacked her hand away. “A, I’ve never done something like that before. Do you think I’m a guardian?? Or maybe I’m a demi-god like Percy Jackson.” I thought wistfully.

“Saph, you are such a loon. You cannot be a demi-god, I’ve checked with your mother already. Secondly you can’t be a guardian because that would mean your parents were guardians. It can only be carried down by blood. I’ve checked this as well. There is a myth however that a human can develop powers later than most supernatural creatures because they’re becoming immortal. But that only happens fucking way.” Aira exclaimed mid-sentence, her eyes widening in realization.

“What? What’s wrong now” I cried. Great, I thought, another plot twist.

“Saph,” Aira said before turning to me, panic lighting up her stormy eyes, “I think that Death may be your soul mate.”

“Aira, that is impossible! Soul Mates?? It cannot be! Soul mates are not supposed to hurt their other halves. S-s-soul mates are supposed to be perfect balances to each other. How can I be the soul mate of a brute, a monster who loves nothing more than to cause me heart ache. He threatened the lives of the people I love! Why have I been cursed so much? Lord Zeus and the fates must really hate me to bestow such pain on my soul.” I whispered feeling defeated. I knew that I needed to look into his eyes to identify if he really is my soul mate, but how was I to do so if it was always shadowed by that cloak. I need some answers, and I need them now. Some pieces of this puzzle do not add up.

“Aira, tell me what the prophecy says, it doesn’t matter if I understand it, I just want to know.” I said in an even voice.

“If you’re certain. Don’t be afraid if my eyes mist over. It’s just because I’m sort of predicting what might happen in the future.” She said before sitting down and taking a deep breath whilst closing her eyes. She sat in a lotus position and meditated, humming a slow tune before her rhythm became more frantic. Her once silvery eyes shot open and glowed like the orb of the night.

“And there the children of the Night have their dwellings, Sleep and Death, two awful Gods. The glowing sun never looks upon them neither when he goes up into heaven nor when he comes down to Earth. The former of them roams peacefully over the Earth and is kindly to men; but the other has a heart of iron, and the spirit within him is pitiless as bronze. He, who is forever hateful even towards the deathless Gods, shall be defeated by his own sacrifice and thus balance shall be restored to the world once more. ” She finished, before she slumped forwards.

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