Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Evianna’s Point of View

When Saphira entered the room, I instantly knew why she was the central focus of my son. Her Aura was simply beautiful to observe. The prophecy was indeed speaking of this girl as I can sense her hidden talents and powers. She is unlike any other girl Death has pursued in the past: She may seem meek and tame but on the inside she has a fiery personality when she stands up for what she believes in. I think I need to train her when she learns of her powers. For now I need to see what I can do about my son’s unwavering rage. Innocent lives are going to be destroyed if he continues down this dark path. It is almost as if he has forgotten he not only takes life but is able to give life as well. His dark side seems to be dominant and I must find a way to balance him or we will all be at his mercy. It is time to pay a visit to the Lord of Death in the pits of the underworld. I never liked the idea of him living in the world of the dead but when his powers started to develop I had to send him for training. Lord Hades was more than enthusiastic to gain another apprentice and Thanatos gained a close friend in the process. Nicolas, Lord Hades’ son, is like family to us. Thanatos gained an uncle of sorts and Lord Hades has been more than kind to then two boys. As I walked through the gates of Hell, I brought Cerberus a treat. The sky above Thanatos’ castle grew darker with every passing second. I must act quickly.


Thanatos Point of View

WHERE IS SHE?! I roared ferociously. My reapers all cowered in horror at the sight of my raging form.

“My lord, she has vanished from our radars, which I know is impossible but somehow she has managed to shield herself from your majestic powers.” Helios, one of my most trusted reapers, answered.

He approached me with trepidation to show me the reports they gathered. It’s been two hours now and my temper has increased 10 fold. The little victim is hiding with a God because that is the only way to hide from me. If my brother has aided her, he will have to be punished for his insolence. “Helios, find a way to fucking trace her to her last known location before I wipe out the whole lot of you. I doubt any of you would want to help dissipate my fucking anger now. ” I said menacingly.

Helios’ eyes widened in fear and scuttled out of the room without a second glance at me. The whole lot of them are fucking pansies. I would have to see to this myself. I exited my war room and walked down the stairs briskly. I needed to get a little snack before I descend the earth into chaos. Before I was able to leave my castle, the front doors opened and revealed my Mother. “Fuck” I cursed under my breath. “Mother, what a pleasant surprise, what are you doing here?” I said, faking pleasantries.

“Thanatos, how are you dear?” Mother asked, equally as fake.

“I’m actually not that great mother, you’ve caught me at a bad time, I was just leaving.” I said in a rush. I knew there was no way to escape her, and I knew better than to infuriate her.

“Thanatos what are you doing. You’ve killed 15 innocent humans this afternoon because you were angry? I thought I raised you better than this. Explain yourself. NOW” she said lowly, in a voice I knew too well. That was the tone I often heard as a child when I had done something wrong and it is, to this day, my greatest weakness. I lead my Mother to the parlor as I knew this conversation will take some time. I summoned one of the maids to bring Mother some ambrosia.

“Mother, the girl angers me till no end. Have you seen her Aura? She is going to be extremely powerful but she needs to be under my wing so I can control her or she will cause my demise. I doubt even you would be able to stop her. I cannot allow the prophecy to come true.” I stated, carefully avoiding her question.

“I am not a fool Thanatos. The innocent lives you destroyed had nothing to do with the girl. If you are not careful, your enemies will notice that she is of importance to you and could recruit her to help bring about her downfall. There is something that you are not telling me Thanatos. What is the true reason behind your anger? Have you turned your humanity off?” She asked menacingly.


“You what my son. Tell me, what is troubling you? I need you to turn it back on. When your humanity is lost, you lose your compassion.” She persuaded.

All vestiges of my anger left my body and I felt at ease. My mother’s ability to influence emotions is a great asset to her. I switched my humanity back on before I spoke. “I think she is my soul mate mother. All the signs are there, although she will never be able to tell as she cannot fully see my face. But I will know, so I am somewhat influenced by the bond.” I said shakily. The thought of someone controlling me was frightful.

“Thanatos, the mate bond is not something to be afraid of. Haven’t you learnt that from your father and I? We love each other unconditionally and we balance each other,” She said sadly, “But is does explain quite a bit.”

“What do you mean” I asked.

“The fact that you can recognize the bond and she is unable to, has made your emotions unbalanced. Insignificant events can set of a whirlwind of emotions that will be hard to reign in. This explains why you have embraced the darkness and it has begun to eclipse your radiant side. This is why, my son, you can kill someone so freely, without any conscience.” She finished.

I was thoughtful for a moment, Mother’s words sinking in and taking effect. What she said is making sense but its conflicting with what I feel deep inside.

“What of the prophecy Mother, I cannot allow her to destroy me. Even if she is my soul mate.” I said coldly.

“Thanatos, you must realize that destruction does not equal death. Destruction will also make way for construction, because that is the way of the universe. If the prophecy states that she will destroy you, it may not be in the way you expect.” With her final words of wisdom, she stood gracefully.

“Please heed my words my son, and do not think so little of Saphira. She is scared of the world she was dropped into. Give her some space if you want to have any chance of being with your soul mate.” She said, before wrapping me in her arms. I haven’t felt so comforted in centuries. With one last smile, she exited the parlor and left the castle. I looked at her back until she disappeared, feeling alone once again. My thoughts were a fucking mess now. I still needed food and quickly ate some of the cakes the maid had brought earlier. With my energy now replenished, I decided to search for that little dick Hayden. He needs to be terminated if I am to have any chance with Saphira. My emotions were haywire once mother left the vicinity. All the anger came back in a tidal wave. I needed to cause some destruction to let of some steam.

**Little did Death know there were dark forces working against him. People he never would have expected will betray him. As the darkness slowly encases his warm heart, the world becomes more imbalanced. His mother’s warnings fell on deaf ears the minute she lowered her powers. She too, did not realize the extent of his anger. The world was on a murky route, and there was only one person who had the power to stop it. Saphira


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