Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Previously on For the Love of Death...

A kaleidoscope of memories played out before me as I was unable to recall them on my own. That blow to the head must have been the key to unlocking my memoirs. Nicolas was an idiot. His plans to brainwash me seemed to fail for now. I only hope I can stay strong until reinforcements arrive. As I watched Death, I no longer saw him as a dark, vile beast that has no soul; but as a kind-hearted creature that has fallen prey to the darkness that lurks within us all.


Saphira's point of View

I watched all the encounters I had with Thanatos as a child and I couldn't help the smile that graced my lips. Maybe there is hope for my soul mate. Deep down, I knew that I held some emotion for him. My heart seemed to have a mind of its own when it comes to him. I should hate him for the chaos he brought into my life but I couldn't bring myself to do it. The images before me suddenly disappeared and I was engulfed in darkness once again. Time ceased to exist in my mind and I had no idea how long I have been trapped in my own subconscious. Strange isn't it, how one can become a prisoner to their own thoughts. The only thing I was sure of was that my 18th birthday drew closer. My powers were brewing deep within me and I could feel my control over them slipping. The worst part was I had no idea as to what they were which is what made them all the more dangerous. I floated around aimlessly, a sense of peace washing over me.


I whipped around at the sound of my name but it was pointless. The darkness stretched on for miles and the calmness I felt was soon replaced by uneasiness. I was at a huge disadvantage if I could not see my opponent and I had to rely on my other senses to pull me through. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a shining orb. It glowed softly like a full moon. The light slowly became larger and its shape changed in the process. I could vaguely see the outline of a person but there were no features present on the face.

"Who are you?" I asked quietly, mesmerized by the warmth the light emitted.

"I am your true love Saphira. I know you feel our connection in the very depths of your soul." It whispered melodically.

"Thanatos? Is that really you?" I asked hopefully.

The light changed from an angelic white to a blazing red in a matter of seconds. The warmth I felt soon became a raging fire and the light metamorphed into what looked like a bull. I shrank back from the sheer power it was emanating but I was not phased.

"Nicolas," I stated calmly, "what the hell are you doing in my head?"

"I see your feelings towards me have not changed. No matter, soon Thanatos will be nothing but a memory and you will be free to love me. Do not fear Saphira for I will save you from a life of eternal damnation!" He exclaimed dramatically.

I looked at him in disbelief, "Are you for real? Get over yourself Nicolas. My loyalties lie with Death. Nothing can stop Fate from taking its course. I will never be yours! Let me out of here!"

"You leave me no choice. I thought I would spare you the pain however, I've changed my mind. You place Thanatos on an all-mighty pedestal. Well, let us see just how strong your faith is when you discover why his face is partially hooded." He declared in an all knowing tone that grated on my nerves.

He slowly vanished into a puff of white smoke and I soon heard more voices. Perplexed, I turned around and found an image being projected. My eyes widened as I took in Thanatos' figure, his obsidian cloak absent and his back turned to me. He was watching a couple and I soon realized that it was Hypnos and a girl. She had beautiful amber eyes that glowed fiercely and her face was framed by a thick mane of auburn hair. Her skin looked smooth like marble and her lips were full and red. That must be Marjorie. I recalled Hypnos telling me of their plan to win her over. I watched as their scheme unfolded, slightly amused by their attempts at winning her heart. I watched Hypnos break their deal and steal Marjorie's innocence. I even watched Hypnos break down when Thanatos came to collect the soul of his child. He looked every inch of a grim reaper; his scythe was gleaming in his left hand and his hood masked his identity. The anger that scorched Hypnos' eyes was frightening. Thanatos faltered as he walked towards Marjorie, who was lying on the floor in a puddle of blood and screaming in agony. He looked the other way and placed his hand on her swollen belly. It glowed for a few moments before he removed it. He did not or rather he could not face his brother as he stepped out of the house. He paused when Hypnos let out a heart-breaking cry and looked over his shoulder. I studied his face carefully and was surprised to see a tear streak down his cheek. His face was partially obscured by the cloak and I wasn't able to see what emotion flickered in his eyes.

The scene changed.

Marjorie was in a bedroom and she was humming quietly to herself. Thanatos appeared in the room and his back was turned to me once more. I watched him run his hand through his straight pepper-black hair, a few strands remaining upright. He began to undress and Marjorie was shaking her head, her body quivering in distress. She tried to scream but Thanatos quickly gagged her. Her efforts to attack him were useless and were quickly halted. He cupped her face with both hands and I watched her pupils dilate, slowly becoming hazy and unfocused. She swayed slowly on her feet and began to do as he said. Tears stung my eyes as I watched my soul mate rape an innocent woman. I sank to the floor in horror and stifled my own cries of pain and incredulity. Each grunt and moan stabbed at my heart a thousand times and I felt my soul shatter.

"Now do you see Saphira?" Nicolas whispered as his lips grazed my ear, "There is no hope for Thanatos. He is a monster. He used his abilities to make this woman bend to his will. Unfortunately she was not his only victim. There were 10 other girls that suffered the same fate and to this day their souls cannot be found. He has damned them to the worst possible punishment. Zeus castigated him for his treachery and he had the gall to plead innocence. So please, stop fighting me Saphira..."

My eyes grew heavy and spots began to blur my vision.

"Love me Saphira..."

My limbs felt heavier and I felt myself falling.


I could feel the darkness fight the radiance in my soul. I knew I had a lot to fight for but my resolve was weak. Darkness always felt comforting but this was different. It was unsettling and began to douse my senses in pain. I could no longer fight it. The throbbing became unbearable and I cried out in torment. I thrashed around and gripped my head as my body burned like the fire of a thousand suns. I struggled to keep a hold on my own humanity but it was too late.

The darkness prevailed...

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