Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Saphira's point of view

Darkness. The supposed epitome of Evil, at least, that's what every fairytale says. Over the years I found myself craving the comfort that the night seemed to bring me. I felt as though I was wrapped in a calming security blanket, protected from the harsh reality of the world. Darkness was where I found myself now. After watching the horror that is my father I found myself being sucked into a black-hole of some sort. I probably fainted from the shock of it all. There was nothing around me as I floated aimlessly, sinking deeper into my own thoughts. I was amazed to see my thoughts being projected onto some sort of screen, as if I were in the movies. I watched myself as a child climb to the highest part of a tree that was in our backyard. Mini me sat on the branch and clapped giddily from the excitement, however the excitement did not last for long. I saw my balance shift and mini me began falling of the tree. Before I could reach the ground, a hooded figure caught me. My eyes widened in recognition. It was Death! These must be the memories that he hid from me.

"Now Saphira, didn't I tell you not to climb the tree?"

"You did, but I fortot!"

"The word is 'forgot' pumpkin. You didn't forget, you just didn't listen, did you?"

Mini me giggled, before saying, "Meebe"

Death let out a low rumble of laughter that made my legs wobble. He picked me up and started to tickle me. I was perplexed at his loving nature towards me as child, given that he was so temperamental towards me now. That pedophile. The thought alone made me chuckle. My soul mate preferred me as an infant. Great. A kaleidoscope of memories played out before me as I was unable to recall them on my own. That blow to the head must have been the key to unlocking my memoirs. Nicolas was an idiot. His plans to brainwash me seemed to fail for now. I only hope I can stay strong until reinforcements arrive. As I watched Death, I no longer saw him as a dark, vile beast that has no soul; but as a kind-hearted creature that has fallen prey to the darkness that lurks within us all.


Aira's Point of view

After Hayden captured Saphira, I felt like the scum of the Earth. As her protector and as a best friend, I knew I failed her. I could not keep her safe from an egotistical, love-sick Demi-God! Then again, I knew that I could not take full responsibility for what happened a few nights ago...


"A, call Evianna and tell her what's happening. Maybe she can send us some backup." Saph said.

"On it," I had quickly grabbed my phone and called Evianna.

"Evi? It's Aira. Someone managed to gain access to your hideout. We need backup immediately. There are way too many daemons to take on by ourselves. I can also sense the presence of someone much stronger- A demi god perhaps. " I rushed out.

"Aira, I need you to stay focused and listen to me. We have to let them take Saphira."

My eyes for a fraction of a second, as Evi's words hit home. "This has always been her destiny Aira. Thanatos has to be the one to save her or else the world will descend into discord and destruction. She must not know any of this for it will alter her decisions. Do you understand me?" Evianna said lowly, her voice dripping with authority.

"I understand." I said, looking into Saphira's eyes, "Evi said if someone has orchestrated this, then she might not be able to get here in time. But she will try her best. Let's see if we can slow them down." My jaw set in determination.


We cleaned up the mess of the fight, waiting for Evianna to make an appearance. She did not appear until four days after the incident. We were cleaning up the store and trying to repair the damages and salvage whatever we could. It turned out to be a long, tiring process. The daemons destroyed the entire book store, leaving everything in shambles. A bedroom was littered in rubble caused by the gaping hole they created next to the door. There was also a burst pipe that needed to be fixed as soon as possible. I looked over at Angela, Saphira's mom, and saw her shoulders shudder as she suppressed a sob. Instantly I felt my own eyes well with tears of anger and disappointment. A change in power of auras around us alerted me of Evi's presence. She entered the room regally, a grim expression on her delicate facial features.

"Aira, sweetheart, are you alright?" she asked, concern lacing her tone as she rushed towards me.

"Am I alright? What about Saphira?? It's been FOUR days! FOUR! Why wouldn't you help us Evi?" I vented.

"Calm down my child. The fates always have a rough path we must walk in order to become who we truly are. Saphira needs to be saved by Thanatos. It is the only way to save us all." She said gravely

"How do we even know if Lord Thanatos is willing to look for her? He has been nothing but a monstrosity in her life." I said, my shoulders sagging in defeat.

"The bond that soul mates share goes beyond any connection we have ever seen. Thanatos is suffering from the loss he has sustained. He just learned of his friend's betrayal and is furiously trying to search for Saphira. He will find her but he cannot do it alone. He needs your help Aira and he needs it soon." Evi gently said.

"How do you know this Evianna? Have you seen him?" I asked, curiously.

"I guess now is as any a good time to reveal my true form." She said before closing her eyes.

The air around Evi began to pulsate, raw white light surrounding her in an angelic glow. Soon a breeze picked up and her hair began to float in it, becoming as dark as the midnight sky. Her skin blazed a milky white color, contrasting beautifully with her obsidian hair. When she opened her eyes, two silvery orbs twinkled wisely and were framed by dark lashes. Her aura was powerful and immediately indicted who stood before me.

Evianna was really the personification of night-Nyx. I gasped at her ethereal beauty and immediately lowered my head out of respect. I heard her tut quietly.

"There will be no need for that child. I do not need such formalities from you." She said with mirth.

"Lady Nyx! It was you all along! Why did you disguise yourself?" I questioned her.

"I knew that Saphira was Thanatos' soul mate the minute she was conceived. I also influenced his decision to save her. The both of you needed my guidance which was one of the reasons I donned this façade. I also suspected Nicolas for quite some time after that stunt he pulled with Hypnos and Thanatos which led me to do a bit of reconnaissance on my own. I visited Thanatos recently and saw for myself that he was turning into a dark creature. He needs his soul mate now more than ever and Nicolas is well aware of this." She stated.

"How do I locate Thanatos?"

"I will take you to the underworld. His castle lies within Lord Hades domain. Come we must go before it's too late and we lose both Thanatos and Saphira in the process." She said before briskly walking to a wardrobe.

I turned towards Angela. "Don't worry, I will bring Saph home safe and sound for you." I said with a small smile.

"Thank you sweetheart. But I need both my little girls to come home okay? No heroism from you both" Angela choked out before pulling me into a tight hug. I broke the hug when I heard Lady Nyx calling out to me.

"Aira, take this book of spells and try to memorize the ones I've highlighted for you." Nyx imparted, before throwing a small notebook at me. I opened it to find various spells that would help one get out of precarious situations. The writing was impeccably neat although it was slightly faded. The book itself was frail and flimsy at the least.

I looked up at Lady Nyx, slightly befuddled, "That's brilliant, except I'm not a witch. I won't be able to do any sort of incantations."

"That is where you are wrong. It seems that there is a bit of magical blood in you. I can detect traces of Hecate's blood deep within your own. You must be a far descendant of hers." She said with a smile.

I reveled in this new found discovery for a few moments before looking at Lady Nyx with determination blazing in my ash grey eyes.

"Let's go rescue my sister"

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