Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Previously on for the love of Death…

A knock at the door alerted us both of a new arrival. Aira put her fingers to her lips, motioning for me to be quiet. She walked to the door and looked through the peephole. My heart pounded against my ribcage and sweat formed on the nape of my neck. 

She opened the door… 


Saphira’s point of view

Hayden came into view as Aira fully opened the door. My body sagged with relief and I ran to embrace him. “Hayden! Thank goodness you’re okay! I was so scared something was going to happen to you” I said, tears stinging my eyes at the thought of losing one of my closest friends that I could possibly have feelings for.  

“I was so worried about you Saph, the entire party was such a blur. I don’t remember anything.” He said, as he wrapped his arms around me.

Instead of feeling the usual warmth and butterflies in my tummy, I felt absolutely nothing. My heart didn’t speed up, I felt no tingles and I was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable. I couldn’t help but compare the way I felt wrapped in Death’s arms to the way I feel in Hayden’s. Feeling slightly perplexed, I slowly released myself from Hayden’s arms and turned to Aira.

“Aira we need to talk now. Hayden, we will be right back. Do not allow anyone in the store, I’ll explain everything to you soon.” I said firmly. Without another glance at that handsome boy, I turned around and walked out of the room with Aira hot on my heels.

Aira and I walked into a bedroom and shut the door. She looked at me questioningly. “A, I need to tell you why I have the God of Death chasing after me.” I said. I began to explain what had happened when I got home from the café.

“It’s so strange. I hate how I’m forced to live in fear because Death is wreaking havoc in my life. But at the same time there’s a connection between us. I don’t know what it is but it is there. Maybe it is because he has a part of my soul from saving me when I was younger.” I said thinking about it logically, “Then again I don’t even know why he saved me in the first place. I’m just an ordinary girl.”

 Her expression of unwavering disbelief morphed into understanding, which ended up surprising me.

“Saph, do you know what the prophecy states?” Aira asked.

“No. Hypnos didn’t exactly recite it to me. I don’t think he knows what it is. He basically just said I have some part to play in saving the world.” I said.

Aira looked thoughtful for a moment before she continued, “When Evi comes back she will explain it to you, she should be back soon I hope. I have an idea regarding why you were saved by Death. As you know I am a guardian. I am your guardian to be specific. One of my abilities allows me to see Auras. Each Guardian is born with 2 special abilities to help them bring balance to both the supernatural and natural world. I am part of an elite Guardian family that stems from the original Guardians created by Lord Zeus himself. I have been granted 3 abilities one of which is reading Aura’s. I also have the ability to read minds and I can predict visions at times.”

“Are you serious! Okay that is seriously cool. When do you have visions?” I asked, intrigued by my superhuman best friend.

“Well you know I pass out at times, and it’s not because I’m anemic. I have to be in a subconscious state to have the vision. They usually came at night but lately I have been having them during the day. My senses become dulled when I have them and it leaves me very vulnerable. It takes an hour of two before I can regain full control of my body.” She said.

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