Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Previously on For the Love of Death...

Lady Nyx frowned at her son's retreating figure before turning to me, "Do you know where Saphira is being held, Aira?"

"No I don't. But if this book has a locator spell then I might be able to figure it out." I said quickly.

"Good. I will get you reinforcements within the hour. Take them to the place she is being held. It is up to you now Aira. In the meantime, I will speak to Lord Hades. He needs to be informed about Nicolas' treachery." She said with a sigh.


Aira's point of View

The reinforcements Lady Nyx sent me where quite a surprise. After she had left to find my backup, I was making necessary preparations. I was lead to the guest wing of the castle where I was assured Lord Thanatos will not know. I requested my fighting gear which was my black leather jeggings, a red tank top and my black leather jacket from the servants. They were very kind and managed to bring them to me in no time. I began to wonder about who Lady Nyx would send to help me fight against Nicolas as the hour was almost over. I was lacing up my spiked combat boots when I felt a sudden shift in the aura energy around me. I quickly whipped around, grabbing my katana blade in the process. I assumed a defensive stance as my assailants materialized.

My eyes were fixed on the four intruders, "Who are you? State your purpose now!"

"Aira, calm down. We were sent by Lady Nyx to assist you. We mean no harm," a dark-haired boy said calmly.

"How do I know you are not lying?" I said, nervousness leaking into my voice. Their auras were powerful and radiated authority. I knew I could not underestimate my opponents.

This time, it was a girl who spoke in light French accent, "Lady Nyx left a message for you. It says: 'Remember my advice. Thanatos will realize The error of his ways in Time. Here, see for yourself" she handed me the message.

I studied it carefully for a few moments, noting the letter T was written in capitals. I pondered on this information before it hit me. Lady Nyx was drinking tea during our confrontation with Thanatos. I folded the note and put it carefully into my bag, smiling at the clue she left me. I turned towards the four people that stood before me.

"Okay, I believe you. Who exactly are you guys? No offense, but you don't exactly look like you could take on an entire army on your own." I said skeptically, as I took in their appearances. I doubt five people will be able to storm a heavily guarded fortress that has a skilled army waiting to attack.

A beautiful girl stepped forward and she outstretched her hand. She had earthy coral locks that had a bronze tinge and her amber eyes seemed to glow. She reminded me of a fierce lioness, who was determined to protect her cubs. "Let us introduce ourselves. My name is Ava. I am one of the few White Witches that are directly descended from Lady Hecate." Ava said in her light French accent.

"Really? Well I guess that makes us Family." I said, shaking her hand and giving her a small smile.

"I am Elsa, Princess of the Romanov Vampires. Our race is direct descendants of Lady Nyx. Vampires are creatures of the night after all..." Elsa said with a wink. Elsa's platinum blond locks and bronze eyes complemented her delicate features perfectly, making her look every bit of a vampire princess.

"It's nice to meet you Elsa. Every time I say your name it's going to remind me of that Disney movie 'Frozen'," I said with a laugh.

She snorted and rolled her eyes, "Not you too! Stark here makes it his mission to remind me daily."

I turned to look at the guy, Stark. He had light brown hair that fell into his sparkling blue eyes. He was lean but still had enough muscular definition to make him drool-worthy.

He turned to me and smirked, "Hi Aira, pleased to meet you. I'm Stark. I'm an Alpha Lycan and we are direct descendants of the Moon Goddess, Lady Selene. I know I'm incredibly gorgeous but I can take down a few thousand rouges when I want to." His southern drawl was deep and his dimpled smile made me blush. Gah

The girls both rolled their eyes and smacked Stark on the back of his head.

"Ow! What was that for?" he yelped.

A tall boy with spiked, raven hair and swirling hazel eyes stepped forward and my eyes were riveted on his well-defined muscles as they rippled through his tight black shirt. "My name is Tyler. I am the prince of the Daemons that roam the underworld. My father is Lord Hades and my Mother is half human, half daemon. I have come to aid your search." He spoke solemnly. My eyes raked over his body in appreciation. Tyler had the whole mysterious, bad-boy vibe going on. It worked well for him.

My eyes narrowed on Tyler as I realized what he said and I focused my attention solely on him, "Nicolas is your brother. For all I know, you could be a spy for him. I need assurance that you fight for the greater good."

He raised an eyebrow, "The fact that Lady Nyx has asked me to assist you should be assurance enough."

"Fair enough. It goes against my better judgment but you are welcome to help us." I said before I grabbed my backpack that contained some supplies.

"We need to head out. Ava, do you think you can get an exact location on their whereabouts? I've tried to do a locator spell but I'm fairly new to all this magical stuff" I said with a huff. I tried for 15 minutes but only managed to find out that they were in Los Angeles.

Ava nodded her head, her auburn curls bouncing as she moved hurriedly around the room. I took out a map of the city that I printed an hour ago and placed it on the table. Ava reached within her knapsack and pulled out a vial of a thick black liquid that had a syrupy consistency. She dropped it slowly onto the center of the map and began to chant. Her chanting became faster and her eyes glowed like the headlights of a car. I glanced around and noticed that Stark had an awed look on face. Maybe he had a crush on Ava. I stopped my silly teenage thoughts and focused on the map. The liquid moved like a slug until it finally reached its destination. Ava's eyes ceased to glow and she took a deep breath. She scooped the liquid into the vial again and looked at the map. The results must be displeasing because she began to scowl.

"How can this be? According to this, Saphira is being held somewhere near the Hollywood sign. As far as I know, there isn't anything significant near it. Maybe she is in an apartment nearby? What do you guys think?" Ava questioned as she bit her lip.

"She cannot be in the underworld. Father and I would have sensed Nicolas' presence." Tyler stated.

"He could be. Nicolas has somehow learned to conceal himself. He has walked amongst humans for years and I have never noticed his robust aura. Not once has his identity slipped. We're dealing with some crazy shit guys." I said, looking at the map worriedly.

"We should at least check out Hollywood. We've got to start somewhere and this is our only lead." Elsa spoke up, looking at Stark.

"I agree. A few members from my pack have volunteered to scout for information. If anything comes up, they will mind link me."

"Can they be trusted?" I asked?

"Of course" Stark said with a wink while Tyler rolled his eyes before saying, "We're wasting time. Let's move out."

Just as we began to file out of the castle, Stark's stomach gurgled loudly. We all stopped in our tracks, looking at him incredulously. His cheeks were faintly tinted pink as he looked at us innocently, "Can't we eat first? I'm kind of starving after we took out those rouge wolves." He got down on his knees in front of Tyler. "Pleeeaaassee Tyler" he begged.

Tyler mumbled profanities before grabbing Stark by his neck and picking him of the ground. I tried to hold in the laugh that threatened to spill out, but it was useless. A giggled escaped my lips and soon we all chuckled at Stark's child-like behavior.

Tyler sobered up immediately and cleared his throat, "Okay, enough of your shenanigans. We'll stop at Burger King on the way. Let's move out."

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