Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Previously on For the love of Death...

Even if Death does not come to my aid, it shall not matter to me. I am a woman of the 21st century not a medieval damsel in distress. 'I will free myself, from Nicolas and Death even if my heart doesn't agree with the last one,' I thought, as Nicolas dragged me out of the house.


"Lord Nicolas, we have secured the girl. What do you wish to do with her?"

"Leave her be for now. She is to be my wife. No harm must come her way. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sire, I shall ensure her protection myself"


The murmuring of two voices roused me from my sleep. My eyes felt heavy and I struggled to open them. Squinting through the darkness, I looked around to identify my whereabouts. It seemed as if I was in a room of some sorts. I slowly brought my hand up to the spot my head ached the most. A warm liquid made contact with my fingers and by its coppery smell, it was obviously blood. I tried to sit up, which only resulted in blood rushing to my head. Groaning, I faintly heard the two voices again. Taking a few deep breaths, I tried to slow my raging heartbeat. I shakily made my way to the door and strained my ears in hopes of catching a snippet of their conversation. I quickly identified Nicolas' voice, the other unknown. Nicolas still believed that he could break the bond of a soul mate. I grew up amongst humans, yet even I am not as foolish as to break something so sacred even though I am mated to the God of Death. The idea still terrified me because I was afraid of the rejection. It loomed over my head like a miserable cloud waiting to shroud my sunshine. I may crave my normal life but I knew that I could not cry over spilt milk. My old life was nothing but a chapter I have already read. It was time to turn over to a new page and figure out how the heroine was going to live happily ever after. I knew that I would not get far if I tried to escape. The head injury I sustained depleted my vigor so I made my way back to the bed and sank into its luxurious sheets. I sighed at the turn my life had taken. It seemed the fates enjoyed the twists and turns that plagued my path. The creaking of the door alerted me that someone had entered the room and a man came into view. Before I could even register his features, he stuck a needle into my arm and I was hit with a wave of drowsiness as its contents took effect. My world of problems slowly dimmed and the darkness engulfed me.


"Sire, I am afraid we have disturbing news." Atropes, one of the higher level daemons, said nervously.

I narrowed my eyes at the blubbering idiot, daring him to deliver bad news. Daemons had special abilities, which is how they are classed. Atropes was a shape shifter, which allowed him to conceal his daemon form and take on certain characteristics of the organism of his choice. Being the God of Death I was able to see past the smooth marble skin, and I glared malevolently at the hideous abomination within. His yellow eyes darted from side to side, looking for a hasty exit if things went downhill. The boils that covered his charcoal skin looked red and angry from his obvious discomfort.

"Speak if you value your life Atropes." I said in calm yet deadly tone.

Atropes audibly gulped before stuttering, "M-m-master, it s-s-seems that Lady S-s-Saphira was taken b-by a g-group of D-d-Daemons."

As soon as his words registered, everything froze. My breathing ceased and I stood there for several moments as pure shock flowed through me.

Atropes gulped loudly before asking, "Sire, are you alright?"

I turned towards him slowly, my eyes wide with terror. She was gone? Was someone hurting her? My heart weakened at the mere thought of someone defiling her sacred body. I sank to my knees and my head fell into my hands.

"No, No, No this can't be happening!" I cried.

"Who dared go against the God of Death?" I bellowed furiously, bolting upright in the process. My sorrow was quickly replaced by sheer fury and a red haze overpowered my vision. I released an anguished roar that reverberated through my opulent castle and I relished in the shrieks of terror that followed. Atropes yelped in fright as he took in my appearance. My shadowy wings were unfurled to their full magnificence and my muscles grew taut with the tension that wracked my body. I could feel a vein pulsate in anger on my neck and my calloused hands curled into deadly fists. I withdrew my scythe from my cloak and ran my tongue over the edge of the blade. All rational thinking flew out of my mind and I let out a slow laugh.

"So, someone had the gall to take what was mine. Atropes, I want you to alert lord Hades of this. Tell him that my soul mate has been taken by a group of roguish daemons; probably spearheaded by some fucking idiot who believes that he is powerful enough to take me on. You are to pass on the same message to my Mother as well. Do I make myself clear?" I stated in a deadly tone.

"Y-y-yes Sire" Atropes said, his entire body quaking in fear by this point in time.

He scurried out of the room before I could blink. I closed my eyes and pictured Nicolas in my mind. I needed his help more than ever. When mother discovered my power, she realized that I had to be properly trained in order to control my abilities. She persuaded Lord Hades to help me. Because of my power, I had been isolated so as to not hurt anyone else. Nicolas was the first friend I had made and we basically grew up together. We perfected a communication technique which enables us to sense when we need each other the most. After a few moments, Nicolas appeared in front of me, though his appearance had changed quite drastically. Gone was his raven hair and green eyes, and in its place were average golden locks and crystal blue irises. His youth was evident in his features, as he looked no older than an 18 year old boy. Although we were immortal, our appearance aged over a very long period of time. The last time I saw Nicolas, his semblance was that of a man in his late 30's.

"Nicolas, is that really you?" I asked, astonished.

"Indeed brother. I have spent the last 2 decades on Earth as a human. What is it you need?" he replied evasively.

"Brother, a lot has changed in the few days. I have found my soul mate but she has been taken by a group of daemons. I fear for her life." I said, my voice cracking slightly.

Nicolas raised his eyebrow, "You fear for her life? Are you not the God of Death, Thanatos? Why are you sniveling like a wee maiden? You really are a sight to see. She has made you weak, vulnerable. Someone would think that she is fragility to you. We cannot have that, now can we Thanatos?" he said with a suspicious edge to his tone.

I looked at Nicolas with narrowed eyes, perplexed by his attitude before he continued to shake my very core.

"You should let her go brother. We all know she will simply weigh you down. It is futile saving the life of a puny, pathetic human girl." He stated nastily.

Something sparked within me and the devil inside threatened to claw its way to the surface. Nicolas smirked at my reaction, and I growled at him. His insensitive behavior and noxious words finally made sense.

"What have you done with her, you traitor?" I spat rancorously.

He merely laughed before saying, "She's mine now brother."

The perfidy I felt burned throughout my body as my bloodlust ignited. Nicolas smirked once again before disappearing, his malignant laughter echoing across the castle grounds. The bastard took my girl. Oh he is going to pay dearly. The rage I felt was tantamount to a super nova. Like a raging ball of fire I simmered in my intense heat of hatred for the man I once called brother. I reveled in its fervent glory, using it to fuel my desire to tear him limb from limb. He had the audacity to claim my soul mate as his own? Lord Hades would have to forgive me, because his son was about to be obliterated.

'Don't worry pumpkin; I'm coming to get you'

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