Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Hypnos’ Point of View

“It is time I bid you farewell my sweet. We shall meet again soon.” I said, almost wistfully. I looked into her dark chocolate eyes and felt the connection once again; the need to protect her. I was disappointed to find that she was not my soul mate but I had my suspicions about who might be. I turned around and spread my snowy white wings, ready to take off into the night sky. I sighed and began to beat my wings, slowly lifting off the ground. I loved flying. After all the millennia of my existence, my love for flying has never wavered. I thought about my meeting with the girl and the bit of information I had overheard concerning the prophecy. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. The entire fate of this world would be her burden to carry for it is her decision that will ultimately bring about harmony or discord. She may seem meek and timid but she has a very passionate soul. Being the twin of the God of Death and Life has its perks. We both were granted the ability to read Auras. Saphira’s aura was a beautiful rainbow of colors, something very rare in the human realm. It was strange to see such a phenomenon. I need to gain more intellect on the matter. This could possibly be one of the reasons my brother is so interested in her. I think it was time to pay him a visit.

 Stopping mid-flight, I shot down towards the Earth like a missile. As the ground became closer and closer, I waited until the last second before impact before teleporting to the netherworld. I imagined my brother’s palace in the place humans call hell, and it appeared before me. It was just like I remembered. The wrought iron gates creaked open and a giant three headed dog appeared. He growled viciously, baring his teeth at the being who attempted to enter the underworld. That is until he noticed who I am. I was quite fond of Cerberus, as I often travelled here to visit my brother. My arrival caused quite a few daemon heads to be turned. Daemons worked for Death and Lord Hades, running all the smaller errands. I haven’t seen my brother in many years as I tried my best to avoid him. I walked around the deserted palace grounds, passing the black roses that decorated the castle. Their red thorns glinted slightly, glistening from the dew. The mansion Lord Hades gifted my brother was quite beautiful. It looked like a building during the renaissance period. Many people believed that hell was a dark and desolate place, with an eternal fire raging on. Hell is indeed dark, but it had its own sense of beauty. The sky was an eternal silvery purple and a dense fog hung low in the air. There were no bright colors simply because it was offensive to the dead. The grass was a dull shade of green yet it had its own vibrancy, as if it were full of life. This part of the realm was more secluded and away from the whole process of sorting the souls, similar to the way suburbs are away from the city. I passed through the large dark wood doors and walked up the grand staircase. I entered my brother’s private quarters and searched for him. Knocking on his study door, I turned the gleaming brass knob, surprised at what I saw inside the shadowed room.

Thanatos’ Point of View

“Hello Brother”, said a voice I had not heard in maybe a thousand years.

“Well, well, if it isn’t my goody-two-shoes twin. To what do I owe the displeasure?” I smirked, my eyes never leaving the flame in front of me.

Hypnos remained quiet, watching me with an unreadable expression. “Stop that incessant staring. It is quite irritating.” I grumbled.

“You are watching the girl, I suppose you know I have gotten acquainted with her. I must admit I am quite surprised that you did not intervene our meeting.” He said in his obnoxiously orderly tone.

“I was curious as to what you had to say. What do you know of the prophecy brother?” I said coldly.

He looked away from me. “I do not know exactly what the prophecy states but I do know that the world lies in the hands of that 17 year old girl.”

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