Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Thanatos’ point of view

I appeared in Saphira’s room, and saw the girl fast asleep on the bed. I smirked and walked over to her already planning something mischievous in my mind, but all that was put on pause. My smirk faltered when I saw the condition she was in. Her eyelids were pink and puffy. Tear stains were visible on her flushed cheeks. There were light bruises on her milky skin, probably from our struggle in the pool. She was clutching her heart, as if it were causing her actual pain. Just the sight of her in this state was enough to bring me to my knees. Even though she looked weak and vulnerable, I couldn’t help but stare at her inner and outer beauty. The way her hair fanned out across her pillow, her cute small nose, her perfectly shaped lips simply enchanted me. Her aura was a symphony of colors: putting even the most beautiful rainbows to shame and depicted her personality well. I approached her carefully and wiped the tears that were present on her face. She leaned into my touch and I couldn’t help but feel over-joyed at such a simple movement. Too entranced to even consider the outcome of what I was about to do, I began leaving small butterfly kisses on her jaw and cheek. She smiled in her sleep and sighed contently. I gingerly sat down on her bed and pulled her towards me, holding her tightly to my chest. She snuggled closer to me and my ego was sky rocketing. My eyes drifted to her tight tank top, appraising the way it hugged her body with a hint of cleavage peeking out. I felt my own body respond accordingly. Fuck now I’m horny. I kissed her forehead and pulled away before I did something I would regret. She whimpered and mumbled something I wish I didn’t hear.


I froze. My entire body went as stiff as a concrete wall. Every warm feeling I just got drained out of my body and was instantly replaced by a blinding hate. Fuck. I cannot fucking believe this. That bastard is going to pay when I get my hands on him. Oh, I am going to enjoy killing the little prick. But first, Saphira will have to be taught a lesson. Fuck soul mates, I was the God of Death. I had lost myself in a moment of weakness, falling to the mercy of that fucked up bond. I don’t need love and all the shit it brings. I needed to stop my human emotions from getting the better of me so I stopped my heart from beating. It was time for some adulterated fucking fun.


Saphira’s point of view

I was drifting off into a deep slumber, that is, until I felt a strange sensation tugging at my heart. I realized that it was Death’s presence I was sensing. I kept my breathing even, praying he would leave me alone if he believed I was asleep. I faintly heard him sigh. His deep breathing was all I heard for a few moments until he moved across the room towards my bed. I willed myself to keep still, fear clawing at mind to disobey my orders. I was shocked when I felt his gloved hand gently wipe of the tears that were still present on my warm face. I suddenly felt hazy, almost like I was in a dream-like state. I unconsciously leaned into his touch and sighed. I could feel my heart beat quicken as he peppered kisses across my cheeks and jaw. I won’t lie. It felt so amazing. He draped his hand over my tummy and I felt his thigh press against my own, holding me tightly to his hard body. He must have been thinking of something pervy because I felt him harden. Oh my god. I should be feeling scared but instead I felt desire course through me. I was sure there was a furious blush staining my cheeks. The rational part of my mind finally won its battle and I instantly drowned out the petty emotions I was feeling. I had to remember that this being was a monster, which almost killed my friend and tortured me for fun. He was despicable creature that wanted nothing more than to see my soul break just so he could claim whatever power it had. I almost called out Death’s name when he continued his sweet, tender kisses but I avoided the temptation with great effort. As he pulled away, I whimpered and mumbled ‘Hayden’ simply because I knew it would anger him the most. I did not account for the way his name scorched my tongue and I felt physical pain because of it. I gritted my teeth and opened my eyes, warily watching Death as he cursed under his breath. He had turned his back to me and I could see his muscle grow taut under his cloak. I knew what I had said was a huge mistake. It was clear that my words affected Death and his anger was now a bloodthirsty rage. Suddenly he whipped around, and judging by his body language, I knew I was in major danger.  

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