Chapter 19

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Chapter 19
Aira's point of view

Tyler held a finger to his lips and motioned for us to follow him. He led us down a narrow, dimly lit hallway, and stopped at a door. He peeked inside and proceeded to enter it. Once we filed into the room, he closed it quietly and locked the door. I glanced around the room. It was empty except for a few chairs that were scattered around the room. A mini bar fridge stood alone in the corner. There were a few rusted chains hanging on a wall and I shivered at the sight of a few red stains splattered against the crisp white wall.

"The room is sound proof. Nicolas used this room to punish guards who disobeyed him." he explained.

"Where do you think she is?" I asked nervously. The hallway we passed through was filled with only the sound of our breathing. There were no guards patrolling the area. I feared that Nicolas was never here to begin with.

"There is a dungeon, but I doubt he would take her there. He probably has her in the room closest to his. Nicolas believed that no one would ever be able to enter this fortress, so he doesn't have much security in here" Tyler answered, and then turned to face Stark- who stood uncharacteristically quiet in the corner.

"What is it Stark? You are never this serious."

"Don't you think this is too easy? Sub daemons were guarding the entrance. Everyone knows subs are the lowest defense mechanism you can ever have. I feel uneasy about this whole mission." He said somberly.

"The sub defense was a poor choice on Nicolas's part. Like I said, he doesn't think anyone is capable of entering this place. The Gods are not allowed to interfere directly. It is seemingly fool proof." Tyler shrugged.
"I can try to scan our surroundings for any sign of activity. Give me a few minutes," Ava said, as she proceeded to sit cross legged on the floor.

A faint light glowed around her as she closed her eyes and she lifted her hand up sleepily-almost as if she were in a trance. The light seemed to shine a smidge brighter before it flickered a few times and disappeared completely.
She opened her eyes and bit her lip, "Well that can't be good."

"What is it?" Stark asked gently. He knelt down beside her but Ava continued to stare straight ahead.

"I can't pick up any sign of life. But I do feel like there is something we aren't seeing. Everything is not as it seems," she said cryptically.

I looked at Ava in steely determination, "We need to find Saphira and then get out. I cannot afford to leave my sister in the hands of this monster any longer."

"Then let us move in secret and in silence. I say we split up. The faster we find her, the faster we can get out." Tyler said grimly.

After 15 minutes of searching I found absolutely nothing. As I made my way back to the first room we entered, a tiny spark of hope ignited at the thought that the others may have found something. However, my little flame was extinguished when i looked at the grim expressions of the rest of the group.

A strangled noise was about to escape my chapped lips when I suddenly heard a muffled sound. Almost as if someone were bellowing on top of their lungs. I glanced at Tyler and Stark, who seemed to have heard it as well. I walked toward the source of the sound. I moved my ear closer to the cool white wall and placed my hand on it. Imagine my surprise when I almost fell through it!

I backed away and waved my hand across the surface. It felt like a bubble. Tyler and Stark seemed just as surprised as I was. However, Ava regarded the wall suspiciously.

"I fear that whatever is behind this wall may be able to see us." she whispered.

"I have faith that we will be able to face whatever awaits us on the other side." But even I did not sound very sure of myself.

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