57 | What of his you wear.

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Ponyboy: Often times if you need to run outside for a smoke or something you'll slip on Pony's converse

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Ponyboy: Often times if you need to run outside for a smoke or something you'll slip on Pony's converse. They're pretty big on you but there always the shoes closest to the door. The boys always laugh when they see you wearing them.

Sodapop: When you stay the night at the Curtis house you'll sleep in Sodapop's boxers like they're shorts. Darry and Ponyboy absolutely hate this but Soda thinks it's adorable. Every time you walk around wearing them Darry will tell you "how about you put on some clothes y/n?"

Darrel: Darry's t-shirts are always included in your go-to outfits. Darry thinks it's adorable how big they are on you, and the fact that you have to tuck them in.

Dallas: After a wild night of romance with Dally your bed head is usually a mess. You'll usually steal some of Dallas' hair gel to calm down your hair. Dallas hates it when you do this so he'll try to hide it from you.

Two-bit: Two-bit obviously loans you his mickey shirts. If you come into sight of Two-bit wearing one of his shirts he'll go crazy. After all it's two of his favorite things in one place; you and Mickey. All you need now is a blade and a beer.

Johnny: If its a particularly cold day in Tulsa you can definitely be found in a denim jacket that belongs to Johnny. You love wearing Johnny's jacket because it's so comfy and it smells like him. Johnny loves you wearing his jacket because it's kind of his trademark, so people will know you're his girl.

Steve: You steal Steve's DX shirt. Steve thinks you look super hot in his DX shirt so you'll strut around the house in it every now and then. You've may or may not have had your friend take some sexy photos of you in it just for Steve.

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