56 | Where he took you on your first date.

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Ponyboy: Your first date with Ponyboy was at the library

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Ponyboy: Your first date with Ponyboy was at the library. You and Pony played hide and seek in the library and checked out books for each other. You never thought reading could be so romantic, but Ponyboy certainly changed your mind about that.

Sodapop: When you first met Sodapop he fell, and he fell hard. He wanted to make the best impression on your first date by being the most romantic he possibly could be. Sodapop invited you to a fancy restaurant downtown that you knew he couldn't afford. The night included other girls drooling over him, the waiter spilling water on you, and Sodapop forgetting his wallet at home. Thankfully the restaurant comped your food because of the spill. On the ride home Soda asked to take you out for a "second first date" which you happily accepted.

Darrel: Darrel asked you to a dance in a nearby town. You fell head over heels when you saw him swaying to the music. He was a charmer, you knew from that night that you wanted to be with him. After the dance you guys went back to his place with plans to get it on. When you walked in his house at midnight you two were greeted by 6 boys who were very proudly cheering on Darry. Darry was super embarrassed so you guys drove to your place instead.

Dallas: He invited you to Bucks for a party. You were a bit intimidated by Dallas Winston so you decided to play this "wild girl" role. You were totally badass that night. After the party Dallas tried to take you back up to his bedroom but you declined. You eventually told him you weren't actually the way you were on that date. He still brings it up jokingly, and it embarrasses you every time.

Two-bit: He took you to the nightly double. The movie part wasn't as fun as afterwards though. After the movie you guys hung out in the vacant lot and drank yourselves silly. You got to know each other so well when you were drunk, and learn that you shared a similar sense of humor. It wasn't long at all after that date that you became his girlfriend.

Johnny: Your first date with Johnny was a blind date set up by Ponyboy. Your not sure why Pony didn't tell you who it was considering you and Johnny knew each other beforehand. Anyways, Pony set up a small picnic on a hill in town. You and Johnny met up on the hill and watched the sunset together while eating your small sandwiches and sharing a coke. It was that exact date that you both knew it would be a forever type of thing. You two have been inseparable since.

Steve: You and Steve went on a double date at the Dingo with Sandy and Sodapop. Things were fine up until Sandy and Soda began making out, right in front of you. You and Steve were super uncomfortable considering it was your first date. You guys left the Dingo without Sandy and Soda and sat in his car and talked. You guys got to know each other very well and he ended up asking you to be his girlfriend.

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