60 | What he gets you for your birthday.

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Ponyboy: A book with notes on every page

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Ponyboy: A book with notes on every page.

Ponyboy doesn't have much money for a gift so creativity is everything. He gifted you a copy of his favorite book. On every page there would be a sticky note or writing in the margin describing what was going on, his thoughts, or his favorite quotes. You found it adorable seeing his cursive handwriting and cute notes.

Sodapop: A sweet card and a surprise party.

Sodapop told you to meet him at his house before you went out on a date. You stepped into the Curtis house, ready for your date, but were greeted by your family, friends, and the gang yelling "SURPRISE!" Later on that night when you and Soda has some alone time he gave you a card that was full of writing from him. To say the least you teared up.

Darrel: A romantic dinner date (and sex).

You and Darrel never have a night to yourselves so he wanted to make sure he only focused on you for your big day. Darry made sure all the gang was gone for the night, Soda stayed at Steve's house, and Pony stayed at Two-bits. You were presented with your favorite meal and Elvis playing on the record player. After dinner you and Darry were able to try anything you wanted (being that the house was empty).

Dallas: Sex and a stolen dress.

Sex isn't a very surprising present for you. Whether it's Christmas, your birthday, or even something like Earth day, you're getting it. The dress Dallas gifted you, however, came as a big shock. It was a beautiful slimming black dress that'd you'd wanted to buy weeks before but couldn't afford. Little did you know Dallas had snatched it from the boutique when no one was looking.

Two-bit: A six pack of beer and watching the sunset.

Two-bit won't admit to it but you know he didn't realize it was your birthday until 4:00 in the afternoon. Two played it off cool though. He grabbed the six pack of beer he planned on drinking that night, and drove you to a lookout point where you watched the sunset (and made out) together. It may have been last minute but it was romantic and a birthday you wouldn't forget.

Johnny: A day for whatever you wanted and a bouquet of flowers he picked.

You guys started off the day with breakfast at the Curtis house, then you went to the movie house, and you spent the evening watching the sunset with your favorite boy. Not to mention, you house smelt like freshly picked Daisy's for a week.

Steve: A chocolate cake and date to the rodeo.

Ok so Steve tried. Not really knowing what a girl would be into for her birthday, Steve thought of his own favorite things he does for his birthday. To his surprise you loved it. Honestly seeing Steve happy is the best present you could ask for.

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