45 | How he is when your sick.

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Ponyboy: Concerned but kinda freaked out. He hangs out with you and gets you medicine, but's constantly asking questions like "shouldn't you see a doctor or something" or "Do you think your contagious?"

Sodapop: Sodapop's a total sweetheart when your sick, but like, when is he not? He cuddles with you, and talks to you. Anytime you sneeze he's like "are you ok hon?"

Darrel: Super loving and helpful, but he still has to go to work. He definitely makes you food and tells the guys to be quiet though.

Dallas: He tries to be nice but doesn't really know how to show he cares. Like he'll bring you a blanket or something and be like "so what are we doing today?"

Two-bit: He'll lay in bed with you all day, and use you being sick as an excuse to be lazy. He brings you food and watches movies with you for the entire time your sick.

Johnny: If your sick then Johnny's sick. That's the downside to having an inseparable relationship. You guys lay in bed all day and cuddle until your fevers go down. Sometimes you'll read to each other.

Steve: Carries you around with him no matter where he goes. Cuddles like crazy because he's willing to get sick for you.

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