49 | His relationship with your sibling(s).

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Ponyboy: Awkward

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Ponyboy: Awkward. Pony doesn't really know what to say when around your sibling(s) because they make him nervous. They think he's silly, but he worries and stresses out after seeing them.

Sodapop: So nice to them that it's weird. He goes over the top to be nice because he wants your siblings to like him.

Darrel: He's super chill. They love him because he just sits back. He loves that you have a very different relationship with your sibling(s) than he does. He loves to watch you guys have a sibling relationship, rather than a parent relationship.

Dallas: Their scared of him. Dallas doesn't act any different around your sibling(s) than anyone else. They often wonder why you would like someone that scary.

Two-bit: He loves to play pranks and joke around with your sibling(s). Sometimes they'll team up on you and play pranks.

Johnny: He's super sweet to them. They know if they ever need anything or someone to talk to then they can go to Johnny.

Steve: Steve's literally best friends with your sibling(s). You'll come home and they'll be hanging out. It can get annoying.

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