Spin-off/Sequel info + Q&A

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Haha, I even procrastinate in writing a Q&A and Extra Info part, wow I suck.
Anyway, as promised- Information about the spin-off and I went through the last two chapters to find any questions you have.

-The title is Wildest Dreams
-The genre is Mystery/Romance like this book
-It will be Jacen's book, as most of you guessed.
-The introduction will be in Elena's PoV (it'll be posted here)
-All of the Elite (minus Skylar), Devon, Shawn, Kaden and Raine will make an appearance.
-It won't be in Jacen's PoV, instead it will be in the PoV of the other main character, Lucia.


1. How did you come up with this plot?
A crazy character map.
And a lot of asking myself questions.
And a bit of fumbling around.

2. Are you getting it published?
I'd definitely love to get it published, but not immediately. I want to edit this a lot before I even consider sending it to a publisher or agent or anything.

3. Do you have any stories you're writing except from the spin-off?
I have a couple ideas for other stories that I'm dying to start, but I'm not sure I'll have the time. The one that I'm mainly considering is a Teen-Fic/Humor/Romance story about a band. It's not a fanfic, though it would be more like Summer Rain than this book.

4. Will the spin-off have a lot of cliffhangers?
...Me? Pulling cliffhangers? Unheard of.

5. Will there be another story about Elena and Ashton
Highly unlikely. Their story is mostly done, and I'll tie it up in Jacen's story. Also, I like leaving endings open to the reader.
5B. Will Elena and Ashton be in the spin-off?
They will appear, probably several times, but they won't play a huge role. Not like Raine and Kaden did in this book. The character who will appear the most is Devon.

6. Who hired Detective Fallon/Why did he help Vanessa?
Detective Fallon was a hired hitman, he was helping Vanessa for money.
We found out Vanessa didn't hire him, however, to kill Jacen.
The questions as to who did hire him will be answered in Jacen's book.

7. Who killed Blake and Avril?
At the moment? Mr. Merrick (Vanessa's dad).
But that's still unconfirmed by Kaden so...

8. Does Keira live?
I guess you'll have to read the spin-off to find out....

9. Why did/does Ashton hate Jacen?
Because Jacen was working/helping Vanessa and Ashton knew it. Also because their personalities clash.

10. Why does Ashton call Elena 'Elle'?
Because he wants to be special? It's just a nickname he gave her
10B. Why doesn't Ashton like it when Jacen calls Elena 'Elle'?
Because he's a possessive asshole who doesn't want anyone stealing his special nickname for Elena.

11. Why didn't you write Ashton's PoV about the first time her met Elena?
Because the Ashton didn't want me to spill all about how he was comparing her hair to sunshine when he first saw her...Oops.

12. Are you going to do a book about Kaden and Raine's child?
I don't have any plans to at the moment. I don't think I will, since I don't think I'd be able to write Raine and Kaden as complete adults. If I were to write about when she was, say 16, they'd be about 50. And I still think of them as crazy teenagers lol.

And finally,
13. How long have you been waiting to use the last line (of the Epilogue)?
But I guess that's just the trouble with love...

Have any more questions? Just comment them below and I'll either reply in a comment, or add them here.


1) Originally, I didn't plan for Skylar to die. In fact, I didn't decide to kill her until almost the 50th chapter.

2) The killer alternated between Skylar, Ashton, Nathan and Vanessa during planning before finally settling on Vanessa.

3) I almost made Elena end up with Jacen due to the number of people who said they liked him better than Ashton at the beginning.

4) The court scene with Keira getting shot? Originally it was Vanessa firing the gun at Elena, with Devon or Kaden jumping in between them and dying.

5) I didn't settle on how things ended until I was pretty much halfway through the story. (It's a lot different from it's original outline).

6) When I planned this story, there was a lot more romance between Ashton and Elena, but as I wrote it, I never really got the chance to fit it in.

7) I did not plan any of the characters out in advance, aside from Elena's family history and their general personality (Vanessa and Nathan- nice, Jacen- snarky, etc)

8) The only people I purposely tried to make you guys suspect were Jacena and Keira. I was surprised when you guys started suspecting Skylar, and Nathan, and even Kaden and Raine.

9) I'm a little younger than most of you guessed (though some of you gave very big ranges lol)

10) Yes, I have read virtually every comment on TTWL and laughed my head off or cackled gleefully or squealed out 'awwww'.

Thank you all so much for reading The Trouble with Love and all the support. You guys are the awesomest, cleverest and most hilarious fans ever!<3
I hope you to see you all when I start the spin-off!
~JJ :)

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