❝ tell me what you want to hear ❞

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Got no reason, got no shame,
Got no family, I can blame.
Just don't let me disappear,
I'mma tell you everything.
So tell me what you want to hear,
Something that will light those ears.

"Secrets" - OneRepublic

Daniel Sullivan was waiting in front of my house again.

"It's Saturday," I told him as I got off my bike.

He raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, I know."

"Kaden doesn't work on Saturdays." Saturdays were family days. Or at least, they had been. It was a little awkward now, since I was grown up, and they couldn't exactly drag me to a movie or an amusement park and expect me to have fun. I usually left the house, and well, it wasn't really a mystery what they did while I was gone.

Though it was a pretty disturbing thought.

Daniel shrugged. "He called me over today." He followed after me a bit as I put my bike in the garage. "You'd think they had enough to get you a car."

I glanced at him. "I have a car. I just don't use it." I didn't mind driving, but I usually used Raine's old bike. It was still in pretty good condition, for being as old as it was, and it reminded me that I hadn't grown up as a trust fund baby, like most other people in this town.

"They should at least get you a better bike."

I pressed the button to shut the garage door as I walked out. "They don't know I use it." I unlocked the door and walked in, letting him follow and close the door behind him. "Raine? Kaden?" I called.

"I don't think they're home," Daniel said from behind me. "I was out there for ten minutes."

I heard a thud and cringed. "They're probably getting dressed."

The expression on his face would have been hilarious if I didn't feel the same way. I may not think of Raine and Kaden compeltely as my parents, but that didn't mean I wanted to think, or know, about their... Ahem, other activities.

"It's weird that you know when your parents are having sex," Daniel said after a couple moments of silence.

"Not like I want to," I replied. "But they're not exactly subtle about it." Just then, Raine and Kaden came down the stairs, dressed, but with messy hair and flustered skin. I turned to Daniel. "See?"

Both Kaden and Raine rolled their eyes, having apparently already figured out what I mean. Daniel's eyes grew huge, making a faint blush creep up Raine's already flustered cheeks.

"Lena," Kaden said, in a mock scolding tone.

I raised my hands. "You're the one who called him here!"

Daniel coughed. "The evidence, Kaden?"

Kaden stiffened, the slightest bit, but kept an easygoing smile on his face. "Right. We'll be half an hour, at most." He gave Raine a quick, and thankfully chaste, kiss, and then ducked into his office, Daniel following closely behind.

Raine turned to me once they were out of sight. "Did you have to make things awkward?" she asked.

I shrugged as I followed her into the kitchen. "It's not my fault you guys go at it like horny teenagers," I replied, wrinkling my nose.

Raine's cheeks flushed red. "We do not!"

"Sure," I coughed. "So," I started, trying for a casual voice.

"No, I don't know what they're going over," she interrupted as she pulled a pan out from the cupboard.

Damn. "That wasn't what I was going to ask."

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