❝ and it hurts remembering ❞

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You look like I did,
You resist me just like this.
You can't tell me to heal.
And it hurts remembering,
How it felt to shut down.

"Careful" - Paramore

I spent the next couple of days trying to keep a low profile. It was harder than before, since multiple people had witnessed Jacen calling me from class and any gossip that involved the Elite spread like wildfire.

Fortunately, no one had actually came up to me, choosing to watch from a distance instead, much like they did with most of the Elite- the only one of the Elite anyone dared to approach was Nathan. My luck ran out Friday, though, last period. Which sucked since I had almost made it through the week.

"Elena, right?" I looked up to see a pretty blonde girl staring at me. I recognized her almost instantly. Jenna Tunclet. The person in this school I could probably relate to the most despite never having talked to her. She was pretty quiet, and kept out of the spotlight, not craving attention like most of the other people here. The reason everyone knew who she was was because of what happened to her sister. Olivia Tunclet disappeared last year.

She still hasn't been found.

"Is this seat taken?" Jenna asked. I shook my head. She sat down beside me, but didn't put down her bag or take out her books. "So the Elite have been talking to you?"

I glanced at her from the corner of my eye. "I guess." I hadn't really expected Jenna to care for those things. The fact that she didn't worship the Elite had been one of the things I had liked the most about her. But then again, that had just been a speculation, I hadn't known for sure.

"Have they... Said anything weird?"

I froze. That wasn't a question most people would ask. Did Jenna know about the game the Elite played, somehow? Before I got the chance to respond, a new voice cut in.

"I think you're in my seat," Vanessa said. Which was a lie, since Mr. Sullivan hadn't assigned seating, but Jenna moved anyway. She chose a seat to the front and left of us, looking troubled. Vanessa slid into the empty seat and shot me a slight smile. Even as oblivious as she was, Vanessa was still aware of the power her and her friends had.

Everyone was looking at us. The Elite were usually gone by sixth period. It was strange that Vanessa had chosen to come, and sit beside me, someone who was a whole social ladder away from the Elite. Mr. Sullivan cleared his throat, drawing most of the eyes to him. If he was surprised by the fact that Vanessa was in class, he didn't show it.

"So," Vanessa said, turning to me as Mr. Sullivan started talking. I nodded, alternating between looking at her and listening to Mr. Sullivan. I stopped the latter once I realized he was just doing an introduction/review to something we had learned the year before.

"There's a pool party at my house Saturday night," Vanessa told me. "You should come."

Hang out with the Elite? Who wanted me to make one of them fall in love with me? Yeah, that would work out so well. "I-"

She seemed to already know that I would disagree, though. "Come on, it'll be fun. You can get to know Ashton better." She grinned, raising an eyebrow. Okay then. So much for Vanessa being the innocent one.

"It's nice of you to ask, but I'm not really friends with you guys," I said slowly. Nor do I want to take part in your game.

She pouted. "You could be." Wow. An invitation to the all exclusive Elite. I wasn't sure if I should've been flattered or suspicious.

"Ms. Merrick," Mr. Sullivan called, drawing all eyes to us.

"Yes, Mr. Sullivan?" Vanessa answered, a perfect picture of innocence with her wide eyes and sweet smile.

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