❝ i've been fighting a war ❞

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All my life,
I've been fighting a war.
I can't talk to you or your friends,
It's not only you,
My heart jumps around when I'm alluded to,
This will not do.

"Bravado" -Lorde

We didn't get very long to rest.

The police didn't start questioning us immediately -they weren't heartless- but they probably would soon. And we had to figure out what, and how much we were all going to say so our stories would match.

Kaden had said that there was a strong possibility that there might be a court case, so we wanted to figure everything out now, instead of later, when some things we had said might make everything worse. Also, since he would probably be playing lawyer, given that it was me who Vanessa had attempted to kill, he needed to know everything so he could figure out a way to present everything.

As usual, Kaden was right.

Two days after everything happened, we found out -well, Shawn found out, then told us- there was going to be a court case. Vanessa had pleaded guilty to assault, but not attempted murder. And Kaden, Devon, Shawn, and basically all the parents agreed that wasn't enough. Assault would be a thousand dollar fine, and about six months in jail, which wasn't enough.

The day after we found out, Kaden managed to gather everyone in our living room. What was left of the Elite- Ashton, Nathan, Keira and Jacen- Devon and Shawn. The last two being there in an attempt to offer any advice.

"I need to know everything," he started once everyone had arrived.

"I think everyone needs to know everything," I muttered. We all had pieces. Jacen and Ashton knew the most, no doubt, but I had a feeling Jacen probably knew some things Ashton didn't, and vice versa.

"Not everyone. Just us, who they decided to leave in the dark," Nathan said, a bitter edge in his tone. Out of all of us, Nathan had to be one of the ones who were taking it the hardest. Ashton had lost his best friend, which had to have been a shock, but he hadn't been completely blindsided. Nathan had also more or less lost his best friend -Vanessa had been locked up and refused any visitors- but he had also lost his trust in his brother and girlfriend.

He hadn't really forgiven Ashton for keeping everything from him- something Ashton had surprisingly revealed to me during one of his visits when I had been in the hospital getting my arm treated. He was working on the secrets and 'keeping everything from everyone despite how much they deserved to know' thing. I think.

Devon, ever the peacemaker, tried to pacify the situation. "Jacen, why don't you start?"

But Nathan wasn't the only one who was bitter. Jacen had been in a pretty foul mood since everything had happened, though I didn't really know why. I wasn't sure if it was because losing Olivia was finally catching up to him, or if it was because of something with Vanessa, or something else entirely.

"Where am I even supposed to start?" he asked.

"The beginning," Devon replied.

"You're going to have to be a little more specific from that," Jacen said. He clutched a water bottle in his hand, with a clear liquid, though I think everyone knew it wasn't really water. He unscrewed the cap and raised the bottle, but before he could take a sip, Keira snatched it from his hand.

"No," was all she said, before standing up, and stalking down the hall. She pushed open the first couple doors, finding the bathroom and walking in. A moment later we heard the sound of a toilet flushing.

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