❝ you keep yourself so tightly wound ❞

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Just tell me you've found,

A way to stop believing.

Everything you say is a lie,

You keep yourself so tightly wound,

It's about time you break.

"I Keep My Secrets Safe" -Saosin

When Ashton burst into Skylar's room, Nathan was already there, talking to one of the doctors.

"What happened?" Ashton demanded. The doctor glanced at him, but then Nathan said something, drawing him back into the conversation. As Ashton walked to Skylar, Nathan shot him a look that clearly said 'be patient'. I hovered awkward by the door, unsure of what to do.

A couple minutes later, Nathan dismissed the doctor. "You brought Elena," was the first thing he said once we were alone.

"She was with me when you called," Ashton said. Nathan smirked, his eyebrow arching a little, but he didn't comment. Ashton glared at his brother. "What happened?" he repeated.

Nathan ignored him, turning to me. "Hi Elena, how are you?"

I bit back a smile as Ashton growled. "I'm good, Nathan, you?"

He shrugged. "Been better. How was dinner?"

"Nate," Ashton ground out through gritted teeth.

This made Nathan sober up. "Someone came into her room and injected her with Methanonel. Near-lethal does," he explained.

Ashton stiffened. "How?"

Nathan shrugged. "They don't know."

"It's private access," Ashton said.

"I know," Nathan replied.

"The list of approved people isn't long. Me. You. Keira. Vanessa. Jacen. Skylar's parents. Cameron." Mr. Sullivan. But Daniel, Skylar's supposed boyfriend, wasn't on there.

"They think the person snuck in."

"There are cameras," Ashton pointed out.

"They didn't catch anything strange," Nathan admitted.

This caused Ashton to pause. "Unless," he said. "That person didn't need to sneak in. They could've been let in." It didn't take long to figure out what he was saying.

He thought one of his friends had done it.

Nathan realized it at the same time as I did, and froze. Then he glanced at me. "Uh, Elena...Could you check the waiting room to see if anyone else is here for Skylar? I think it's three people at a time." I rolled my eyes at the blatant lie, but didn't call him out on it. Nice as Nathan was, subtlety definitely wasn't one of his strengths.

"He means get out," Ashton said bluntly when I didn't move.

I blinked. I think I preferred Nathan's horrid attempt at being subtle over Ashton's insensitive bluntness.

Nathan groaned, slapping a hand against his forehead. "Don't be rude, Ash," he scolded.

"Don't be soft, Nate," Ashton retorted, but there was no fire in his tone.

"Out of curiosity," I said, drawing their attention to me. "Who's the older twin?"

Nathan exchanged a glance with his brother, shrugged, then raised a hand. "Me."

I nodded. "It shows." Then without waiting for a response, walked out. As I closed the door -might as well spare them the effort- I heard an enraged 'hey!' which made me grin. Took him long enough.

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