❝ they tore me apart ❞

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In a city of fools,
I was careful and cool,
But they tore me apart like a hurricane...
A handful of moments,
I wished I could change
But I was carried away.

"Therapy"- All Time Low


"Are you here for the auditions?"

I turned to see a girl standing behind me with a clipboard. She didn't look much older than me -maybe a year or two- though her clothes and stern expression made her look more mature.

"Oh, uh, no, I'm not a dancer," I replied, glancing around at the long, lean bodies. "I'm just looking around."

Kallie and Brett were filming a vital scene for the latest movie they were working on, and I guess Freya had been too busy to meet up, so I had today free. I had decided to look around some universities in New York. It was my senior year, and I had to decide where I wanted to go after high school, even if it did seem a lot more trivial compared to the fact that there was a murderer in the Elite.

I had gone to Columbia first, where Devon had studied, and looked around. Julliard was my second stop. I didn't do any form of dance, drama, or music, at least not seriously, so I definitely wasn't going here, but it was where Raine had gone so I had decided to check it out anyway.

The girl gave me a short nod and a polite smile. "Just remember you have to submit an application to get an audition with any of our departments."

As she turned away, I caught a glimpse of the papers on her clipboard. It was the audition times, but that wasn't what caught my eye. It was one of the names.

Jenna Tunclet.

She and her mom had said she was going to auditions, and Julliard was one of the best dance schools in the country, so I guess it made sense, but it was hard to believe how lucky I had gotten with this coincidence. The only problem was, I hadn't been able to see what time she was, so I didn't know if there was any chance that I could somehow bump into her and ask her what she meant.... By everything.

"Excuse me?"

The girl turned around again, a slightly irritated expression on her face. "Yes?"

"I have a friend I haven't seen in a while," I said, quickly formulating a lie. "She told me she was auditioning today, and I want to surprise her. Do you think you could tell me when her audition is?"

"I'm not supposed to tell," the girl replied.

Damnit. "Please?"

I could tell I was starting to annoy her now. She would either give in to get rid of me, or call for security. Thankfully, she chose the former. "Name?"

"Jenna Tunclet."

She glanced at the sheet quickly. "You just missed her. Her audition was at two-fifteen."

Damnit. "Thanks anyway."

There goes the plan of asking Jenna to see if she could clarify. I checked my phone. I had only missed her by seven minutes, though. It was possible that she was still here. I glanced around, then chose to go down a hallway opposite of the one I had come in.

I kept a look out, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Even if Jenna was still here, Julliard was huge, and it would be hard to find her, especially since it was bustling with people who were all tall and thin like her.

I was two seconds away from giving up when I got lucky. I had found the main room of the dance department, it was almost lobby-like, and Jenna was across the room, talking to a woman in a grey suit. She looked to be around her late thirties, with the same long, lean body most dancers had. A teacher, maybe?

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