❝ i'll find the places where you hide ❞

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I'll find the places where you hide.
I'll be the dawn on your worst night,
The only thing left that I like.
Yeah, I would kill for you,
That's right.

"What You Wanted" –One Republic

I decided to visit Devon the next day. I was almost certain he already knew what had happened and while I was just as certain he agreed with Kaden on this, I was hoping he would help me convince Kaden not to ship me to LA. Or Australia. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up halfway across the world.

It didn't make much sense, and probably wouldn't work, but I wasn't sure what else I could try- I couldn't stay at the Sinclair's forever.

Devon didn't look particularly surprised when I walked in instead of his first client. "Does Kaden know you're here?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No... Please don't tell him yet," I added when he reached for the phone on his desk.

Devon stopped, but didn't pull his hand away. "He's worried about you, Lena."

"I'm fine. I'll probably go back today," I said before he could open his mouth top start reprimanding me. "I need your help with something."

He sighed. "You're lucky I don't have a client right now," he grumbled.

I ignored him. "How do I convince Kaden not to pack me in a crate and ship me to LA?"

"LA?" Devon repeated, a wry smile on his face. "I'm pretty sure he's thinking a maximum security prison right now."

"That's not being helpful," I replied.

"You know, I usually get paid when I have to advise people how to solve problems like this," he told me.

"Yeah, but you love me, so..." I trailed off, giving him a beseeching look. "Please help me?"

"You shouldn't have left, Lennie," he scolded.

"It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, okay?" I asked.

He narrowed his eyes at me. "Where have you been staying, anyway? Kaden tracked your credit and debit card, and you haven't made any cash withdrawals or checked into a hotel. You haven't bought anything either and I doubt you had that much cash on you."

I nodded. "Five-dollar bill and a Canadian quarter."

He gave me a flat look.

I shrugged. "Where I stayed isn't important."

He continued to stare at me with a flat expression while staying silent.

"It was just a friend's house," I replied, in an attempt to try and get him to let it go. I mean, at least now he knew I wasn't whoring myself out for a place to stay or something.

"You don't have friends, Lena," he said dryly.

"Hey!" I exclaimed.

"Was it with one of the Elite?" he asked. Damnit. I swear, him and Kaden both have some sort of freaky annoying all-knowing power. Though, I guess it wasn't too hard to guess. Devon was sort of right, I didn't exactly have very many friends, being the anti-social person I was. The Elite- well, some of the Elite- were the only people I could kind of count as my friends.

"This wasn't exactly what I came to you for," I pouted, attempting to change the subject.

"You know it's just gonna make Kaden angrier when he finds out you could have stayed with someone who wants to kill you," Devon said.

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