❝ it's you who'll have further to fall ❞

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Cut me down,
But it's you who'll have further to fall.
Ghost town and haunted love,
Raise your voice,
Sticks and stones may break my bones.
I'm talking loud, not saying much.

"Titanium" -David Guetta (ft. Sia)

"Jacen was at Olivia's funeral?" Ashton repeated, giving me a doubtful look.

I nodded. "Yeah."

"Are you sure?"

I rolled my eyes. "I haven't gotten to the hallucination part of insanity yet, so yeah."

He gave me a flat look. "Not funny."

I shrugged. "Sorry."

"Are you telling the truth?" he asked, his eyes narrowing.

Is he for real? "What could I possibly get out of telling you that Jacen was at Olivia's funeral?" I demanded. If he keeps reacting like this to every single thing I tell him, I'm gonna start keeping my mouth shut around him.

My Sunday had started out fine. I had been planning on having a drama, secret, and everything-else-Elite-free lazy day. Yeah, even I was getting fed up with the mysteries and zipped lips and finding out secrets was something like a hobby to me.

Devon probably would've had a heart attack if he had known.

Then proceed to psychoanalyze me.

My plans had been completely obliterated when I had descended the stairs to find -surprise, surprise- Ashton Sinclair sitting in our living room, claiming the Kaden had asked to see him.

He's like a fly that never goes away.

"Maybe you're helping him," Ashton said.

I gave him an incredulous look. "You've got to be kidding me."

He raised an eyebrow. "So you're allowed to suspect me, but I'm not allowed to suspect you?"

"You're a lot more suspicious than I am!" I protested. "And why are you still hung up about that? I'm just trying to keep myself safe because no one else will."

"I'm trying to!" he yelled. "But you won't let me."

"You're doing it because Kaden asked you to," I pointed out. "You don't actually care."

He raised an eyebrow. "Is that one of your observations?"

I shrugged.

He glared at me.

I stared back.

"Well, this looks interesting," a familiar voice said, interrupting our staring -or in his case, glaring- contest.

I glanced away from Ashton to see Kaden watching us with an amused expression.

"Why is he here?" I asked, turning away from Ashton.

"Alright then, talk about me like I'm not here," he muttered.

I glanced at him quickly. "I will."

He let out a low groan and I knew he was glaring at me, even though I wasn't looking at him. It was sort of like when you had noticed someone staring at you, you could practically feel their eyes on you for a while afterwards.

When I turned back to look at Kaden, he was glancing between me and Ashton. "As entertaining as this is, it also makes me very nervous."

I stared at him. "Why?"

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