❝ don't get too close ❞

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When you feel my heat,
Look into my eyes,
It's where my demons hide.
It's where my demons hide.
Don't get too close,
It's dark inside.

"Demons" –Imagine Dragons

It was still dark when I woke up.

I was also warmer than I should've been.

...And awkwardly enough, in someone's arms.

Well, shit.

I glanced up at Ashton's peaceful expression.

Yeah, this is awkward.

I inched out a little and grabbed my phone from beside the mattress. Three in the morning. I glanced around, eyes narrowing at the empty space on the mattress across from mine and Ashton's. Nathan was still there, but Keira was gone. Vanessa was still there, and so was Skylar, but Jacen was gone too.

Where were they?

And what could they have been doing at three in the morning?

Stop being paranoid, Lena. They're probably just in the bathroom or something.

I tried to shift, then realized I couldn't. Ashton still had his arms around me.

You should probably do something about that, Lena.

His left arm rested over the top of my stomach, a little below my chest. His right arm was splayed out along the bottom the pillow, my head resting on his shoulder.

Something tells me this was not completely his doing.

But I'd worry about the later, or not at all. It was weird enough as is. I had to do this carefully, or else I'd wake him and that would just be awkward. Knowing him, he might even claim that it was my fault.

I inched down so I was no longer lying on his arm, then gingerly lifted his arm so I could edge out. I froze when he moved, his breathing changing. "Ashton?" I whispered, glancing up at him. It didn't look like he was awake, his expression hadn't changed and his breathing had evened out again.

I lifted his arm again and edged out. This time, he did wake up. Thankfully, though, when he opened his eyes, I was already across the mattress from him. Which was really only, about two inches away, but whatever.

He glanced at me. "What time is it?"

I checked my phone. "Three-ten."

And there goes the bathroom idea.

Well, they could be having problems in the bathroom, or something, but I had a feeling that wasn't where the Winston siblings were.

"Where are you going?" Ashton asked as I sat up.

"Bathroom," I lied. "I drank too much last night."

He raised an eyebrow. "You were holding the same bottle the entire night."

Damn. Maybe he was more observant than I though.

"Just because I wasn't getting drunk, doesn't mean I didn't drink other things." I stood up. "Am I really getting a third-degree for going to the bathroom?"

He narrowed his eyes, but didn't protest when I walked out of the room. I headed into the hallway, where I saw a sliver coming from around the corner.

That was probably where Jacen and Keira were.

Or it's a psychotic serial killer and you just signed up to be the first victim.

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