4 | Conversations between you two.

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Date: 07.11.19
Info: a random conversation between you and your greaser of choice.

Ponyboy: You and Pony were sitting in the movie house, and frankly you were both uninterested in the movie.

Pony: "I hate to say it hun, but I've finally found a movie I'm not too fond of."
You: "I'm glad you think so too."

You sit for a second in silence and stare deeply into each other's eyes. You notice every speckle of every color in his beautiful eyes.

You: "Wow."
Pony: "Uh.."
You: "I'm sor-"
Pony: "I love you."
You: "Love you too."

You and Pony walked back to his house and made out on the couch for 10 minutes until Darry and Soda came home from work.

Sodapop: You were accompanying your boyfriend Soda and his friend Steve at the DX station. You three were sitting under the awning waiting for a car to pull up, dodging the hot sunlight.

Steve: "So Evie and I were wondering if you two wanted to go on a double date this weekend to the diner and then a drive-in."
You: "we-"

You were cut off by an overzealous Soda

Soda: "oh my god that's gonna be so much fun Steve!"
You: "Sodapop! I haven't even agreed to go yet."

Steve and Soda both look at you. Eyebrows raised and shocked expressions.

You: "Of course I want to go, I was just messing with you two."

The rest of their shift at the DX you sat listening to Soda and Steve planning and hyping up your double date. You have to admit that it was cute seeing Soda that excited.

Darrel: You and Darrel sit in the front seats of his pickup truck, him driving. Listening to the hum of the engine. You guys were on the way to pick up Ponyboy from school after he got in trouble for cheating.

Darry: "Ever since Pony started hanging out with that damn Dallas he hasn't been the same.".." Cheating, smoking, being stupid."

You let him continue to mumble and rant for the 10 minute drive to the school.

Darry pulled into a parking space and sat for a second trying to collect his thoughts and think about what he would say to Pony and the principal.

You: "Babe, he's young. Don't you remember what you were like at his age."
Darry: "He gets in trouble, I was never like that! I was a good kid!"
You: "Really? Because I remember you getting caught by the principal with a certain someone under the bleachers."

Darrel raises his eyebrows and looks you straight in the eyes.

You reach over and grab his arm. Realizing you've gotten both of you guys in the mood. The tension is heavy and as you lean in to share a deep kiss with him, you spot the high school principal walking towards the truck with his hand gripped on Pony's ear.

"Isn't this familiar" says Darry as he smirks at you and steps out of the car door.

Dallas: You've been sitting in Bucks bar for 4 hours waiting for Dallas to come home, and yet still no sign. As the bar began to close you made your way upstairs, worried, but hopeful that if you went to sleep you would wake up with him next to you. To your luck, as soon as you stepped on the second floor of the building you heard the front door swoosh open. You run down the stairs only to find a completely naked Dal standing there.

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