The Best Policy (31)

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     She watched all the men and women who surrounded her. "As Viceroys, do you work closely with War... Premier?" 

     A majority of them had mixed responses. "Premier is a very busy man," Viceroy Maribelle replied, "being a part of Viceroy, we are trusted to operate and oversee packs and creatures alike without the supervision of Premier." 

     Aeress smiled out of instinct. "I'm sure that's the reason for his lack of attendence."

     Viceroy Katrin made sound of higher volume. Her orange locks were brushed off and away from her forehead, bringing attention to her more prominent eyebrow bone. Yet... She was silent. 

     Before Aeress could question her, Viceroy Diana cut in, "how are you finding the Temple of Godhead?" 

     Aeress sighed and pushed around her food. "It's a beautiful place. I haven't seen anything like it. I'm definitely starting to appreciate it more now that I've been given room to breathe." 

     Viceroy Diana nodded with sympathy. "With the impending trials, we can only imagine your stress. We thank you for having the time to sit here with us."

     Aeress knew that they were most likely in just as much or more stress than she, but were being polite. "They haven't specified when I will actually be tested. I feel like any minute now they are going to bust through the doors and tell me it's time." 

     Maribelle laughed. "Yes, The Guides are very secretive, this anyone can attest to. Though, I'm sure they are excited to finally be given a purpose." The sass there couldn't be missed. 

     Both of the twins sent Maribelle a disapproving scowl. "Verifying the true identity of Godhead is an essential role they must navigate cautiously through." 

     Katrin waved her hands. "They don't, the trials do!" 

     Aeress felt Godhead coming to. "You want to speak with her?" She could tell Godhead was eager to speak with them.

     Each and every person was silenced. 

     "I am the mate of Premier, but I have a feeling..." Aeress said into the quietness. She was just speaking the truth. "You came to see if I really had Godhead within me. Well, I can tell you... I do. If you want to see her, I should warn you of her more extreme ways. Not that I need to tell you. These are things you've heard since the beginning." 

     Viceroy Diana waited before respectfully replying, "any one of us would be honored to meet the true mother of werewolves, but... It would be unwise to make contact without the consent of the Guides or Premier." 

     Aeress sat back. She wouldn't lie, she was slightly disappointed. "Okay, then. Just thought I'd put it on the table-" 

     The doors to the dining room burst open. 

     All men and women jumped up with weapons raised. 

     "Viceroy, Ms. Lupyn." He bowed lowly. 

     Viceroy Katrin spoke up. "Well, you've interrupted our dinner with the mate of Premier, what is it you need?" 

     He glanced nervously to Aeress. "My apologies. There has been reported trouble in the southeast and west territories." 

     The twins stepped forward along with Katrin. "If you'll excuse us, Ms. Lupyn?" 

     Aeress looked down at her almost empty plate. "This sounds important and it looks like all of you are eager to take care of the problem. Please, go ahead. Don't let me stop you." 

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