Chapter V

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Hey Patty, it's Solstice. I know we haven't talked since I got out of st. O's but I wanted to talk to you.

Solstice slid out of her room into the hallway, wearing sunglasses and finger guns. Every single person in the hallway smiled at her antics which they were quite used to. Solstice danced her way to the stairs, music blaring through her headphones. She hopped on the banister sliding all the way down. She flew off the end landing on her feet, her dress billowing around her ankles gracefully. Solstice skipped lightly to the kitchen intending to snatch an apple, as she pushed open the kitchen doors she was surprised to be hit with the mouthwatering smell of apple pie. She spotted her mother bending over to peer into the oven. She turned around quickly trying to sneak away before her mother spotted her but to no avail. Queen Moon heard a loud creak as Solstice stepped on a loose floorboard causing her to turn around quickly.

"Just the person I wanted to see." Moon said dusting off her gloves quickly.

Solstice looked at her mother in shock. "I am?" She asked, her eyes widening in surprise. Queen Moon nodded, beckoning her daughter eagerly, causing her to hurry over to her mother. Solstice watched her mother with concerned and cautious eyes. She glanced around the kitchen taking note of how it was completely empty. "So..." Solstice started awkwardly not knowing how to converse casually with her mother " wanted to see me?" She asked, nervousness creeping into her voice.

Moon glanced at her daughter smiling widely. "Yes I did, it's about our little discussion last week." She informed her daughter, the nervous look on her daughter's face faded into a look of pure terror.

"No, please don't, don't send me back to St. Olga's reform school, it's horrible there, they make you wear itchy stockings, and they put you in corsets, it's awful, and-"

Queen Moon interrupted her daughter, shock evident on her face. "No! Of course we're not sending you back to that school-" a look of relief overcame the teenagers face as she sighed in reassurance. Only for her eyebrows to knit in confusion.

"Wait, so if your not sending me back to St. O's, then where are you sending me." She asked tilting her head in confusion.

Queen Moon clapped her gloved hands together, a broad smile adorning her pale face. "How do you feel about Earth?"


Solstice smiled widely at the linoleum floors of Echo Creek High school as she and her parents marched their way to the principal's office, their every footstep demanding respect. Her mother's heels clicked loudly against the faded white floors, her father's high heeled boots clacking along with hers. Solstice held her hands in front of her properly, her training kicking in now that she was in public. She held her shoulders back to appear proper, as she set her back in a perfect straight line to appear non-threatening but not demure. Queen Moon knocked on the door to the principal's office, the single ring adorning her hand scraping the glass slightly causing her to wince. A measly voice beckoned them in. They entered the office to see a ratlike man, that she could only assume was the principal, sitting behind the desk, as if he held any real authority. He eyes the crowns that sat upon each of their heads greedily, his beady eyes watching the light glisten off of the beautiful gems that rest upon them. His eyes narrowed upon seeing the teenage princess.

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