Chapter I

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A Princess Mentality

Solstice shifted uncomfortably in her seat, her blue dress catching on her heels indignantly. She held her cup up to take another sip of her tea, trying to be proper while unhooking her dress from her heels subtly. Ms Heinous looked at her skeptically with a frown, as though sensing her discomfort.

"Ms. Butterfly," she started calmly her eyes boring into the young girl. "Are you aware, that you have had a hair falling from your hat for the past two minutes?" Ms. Heinous asked briskly as though she wouldn't believe her if she said no. Solstice sighed at the ground in disdain.

"No." She answered truthfully reaching up to fix it, Accidentally spilling her tea in the process. Ms. Heinous gasped in shock at Soltice's mistake. "What did I do now?" The young girl asked in frustration. Ms. Heinous shook her head in disappointment tutting her tongue at her in reprimand.

"You must have broken at least seven princess codes just now." Ms. Heinous frowned again in disappointment. "Go freshen up and we will try again tomorrow." Solstice stood and gave a polite curtsy to Ms. Heinous before leaving to go freshen up in her room. The moment she shut that heavy door behind her she grabbed a pillow and threw it as hard as she could across her room. She took off her hat and tossed it carelessly on her bed unwrapping her ridiculously tight braid from it's bun causing her silver braid to unravel almost instantaneously. Solstice breathed in deeply running her fingers through her hair in an attempt to calm herself. She let out her breath in a sigh as she plopped herself down on the velvet bedspread. She lifted up her head to look at the mirror on her wall. She threw her body up into sitting position on her bed not caring about her posture.

"Mirror mirror, call Mom" Solstice's commanding voice requested calmly quickly changing her posture as the mirror connected to her mother and father's.

"Solstice, sweet pea is that you?" Solstice smiled at her father's loving tone.  His blue eyes alight with teasing laughter. "I can hardly recognize you under all that makeup you have caked onto your face." He chuckled jollily as Solstice's face lit up with a smile.

"Hi Dad" she said with a small giggle she quickly composed herself ceasing her giggling and composing her face. "Where is Mom?" She asked calmly trying her best to behave respectfully.

"Your mother? She's currently trying to figure out exactly what to do with your little sister" King River said with a sigh. Solstice looked at her father with question and concern in her eyes.

"So what did she do exactly?" She asked curiously allowing her curiosity to shine through, even if only for a moment. King River looked away in an attempt to find the words.

"Well...erm.... She uh kinda uh... Set the entire kingdom on fire." He said without meeting her eyes. Solstice smiled at him laughingly.

"she got her wand yesterday didn't she?" She asked with a laugh in her voice and a pale eyebrow arched. He nodded sheepishly causing a laugh to leave her throat. Queen Moon walked into the mirror phones view and she smiled at her daughter lovingly.

"Ah, Solstice how is school going for you?" She asked me kindly and in genuine interest. Solstice observed her for a moment trying to find the real reason behind her question.

"It's not going very well to be completely honest." She said with a sigh turning her face towards the ground. Her parents looked at each other with shock and then turned back to their daughter with blatant concern.

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