Chapter 10

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The sun rises, illuminating the land over it. Everyone woke up with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and slight feeling of anxiety. Terry, Harry and Selena woke up feeling excited throughout the day. Suddenly, the Leader came out and said "Good morning my friends. The time has come for the prophecy to be stopped at once."

"The prophecy? What prophecy?" Harry muttered.

"Let me clarify things here. Terry and Harry are going to retrieve the missing link. Selena here will be their emergency pilot. We can't risk the plane being damaged. Plus we'll be using it for defensive purposes. Now I want three people to accompany them in their journey." The Leader announced.

Two girls and one boy stepped forward. "Okay, we have volunteers: Macy Trucker, Jean Loverie and Jason Pal. Good luck, and a transportation vehicle will be arranged in 60 mins. Dismissed." The leader continued.

Macy, Jean and Jason introduced themselves.

"You must be Terry. So good to meet you in person." Jean said.

"So, you guys ready for this journey? Won't be easy you know." Harry asked intimidately.

"You think we're cowards? You just wait and see there, old man!" Jason replied judging Harry.

"Okay! That's enough you knuckleheads! We've got a mission to do!" Terry stopped the arguement. The Leader walks in the group "Am I interrupting?"

"No, sir go ahead." Macy said kindly.

"Okay, You've less than 5 days to complete this task. Be careful and Don't turn off your radio comms. We'll be in touch always to keep track, understood?"

"Yes, sir. The prophecy must not be fullfilled." Terry said. Without hesitation, The Leader left.

"Hey Terry, what is the prophecy you keep talking about with the Leader?" Harry asked with curiosity. Terry didn't bother answering. A few minutes later, A small truck was arranged with a fully automated M1 turret affixed on the back. Jason and Macy and Harry leaps on the back and Terry and Jean heads to the front. They both started the engine and rode off.

"Sir, do you think they're gonna be fine. I'm worried about them." Selena asked.

"I have faith in them. They know what to do." The Leader answered.

Meanwhile, they passed the bridge and in the land of wreckage and misery. Harry loads the turret when Jason pushes him in the ground.

"Jason that's enough! Don't be an asshole!" Macy tried to calm him down.

"You think you're better, old man? We'll you know what, when this mission is done, I have some unfinished business to do to you, you hear me?" Jason replied.

Harry fires a small tranquilizer, knocking him down. "What's wrong with this son of a bitch?" He asked.

"He's got some anger issues. But nothing I would expect. Even from this." Macy said.

"Hey guys, We'll be looking for supplies. Harry, scan around for some convenience stores, will ya?"

"Got it, Terr."

"What is that missing link that you guys are talking about?" Jean asked.

"It's a transmission we're about to pick up. The rest of the message is incomplete. The full recorded message is somewhere in Massachussets." Terry explained.

Just as they were talking, Harry tapped the truck and Terry stopped it. "Hey Terr, I found a convenience store. It's on your left bud."

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