Chapter 5

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Terry grabs his phone and calls the leader. "Ohh Terry. Where are you already?"

"We're on our way there now, just relax." The call ends and silence breaks out. No word has been said for the past 6 minutes until a sentence pops out.

"So, Selena, how did you manage to survive the outbreak?" Harry asked.

"Well, 6 months before, the infection has spread across the world. Me and my family went to the bunker when the United Nations launched a nuclear attack on major cities. Then the bombs fell, wiping out every infected and even innocent people. After the bombardment, we went outside to look for supplies and survivors. I can't talk the rest." Selena explained.

"Very lucky, but the past is the past right?" Harry muttered. And silence breaks out again. But this time making everyone feel very awkward towards each other.

After 2 minutes of awkward silence, Selena immediately brings down the plane to land. They have arrived at the gas station. Terry and Harry prepped their weapons and searched the entire area but finds it nothing except some bodies of infected lying around the place.

"I'll refuel the engine. You two, find some supplies but only take at least 5-10 kg of it." Terry ordered. Harry and Selena went inside a small convenience store.

The store is in ruins. Lights flickering, Scattered s**t, and bodies everywhere. They searched for supplies. Harry went in to the medicine section to look for some first aid kits. Selena searched for any dropped weapons. She finds a body of a military soldier and beside it is a FAMAS rifle complete with 6 magazines.

"Hey Harry, found something useful there?" Selena asked.

"I found some First Aid kits and a bag of chips and drinks. What about you?"

"I found a rifle and sone ammunition. This will boost our defensive strategies." Selena answered.

"Let's take it back to the plane. Maybe Terry has found something useful whilst refueling the plane." Harry replied.

Terry and Selena exits the convenience store. They spotted Terry holding a AK-12 rifle and shooting it. Terry notices them and calls them "Hey, did you guys found anything good?!

"We found some medkits, a bag of chips and drinks and Selena here has a FAMAS rifle. How about you, how's the refueling?" Harry asked.

"So far, i've gathered at least 68% of the fuel. That should take us to at least a hundred km. So we should make another stop at a gas station." Terry answered.

Everyone started loading he supplies. Just as everything is fine, a strange figure pops out of the bodies. The figure looks like it's abdomen has been bloated.

"What is that thing? It seems to be very bloated or something!" Selena reacted.

"I don't but it's charging right at us!" Harry shouted. The infected charges at the trio. Terry manages to shoot it from a distance and explodes in a messy way. Terry investigated the body. He found lots of gasoline spat around the place.

"So uhh what kind of infected is that?" Harry asked.

"That thing had a lot of gasoline in it. It must have reacted to the stomach acid, causing it to swell and accumulate. And when shot, the gases and the liquid combust and explodes. I also saw some pieces of flesh and bone. I'm gonna call them "swellers." Terry explained.

A group of infected runs towards them. "S**t! It must have called the others from the explosion. Selena, get the plane started. We'll hold them off." Terry said.

Selena runs to the plane. Terry and Harry begins to fire. Bullets came charging at the bodies, sending them on the ground. More of them came charging. Harry gets the first fire and kills them.

"Come on! The plane is ready for takeoff!" Selena called.

The two runs to the plane. The plane moves at gaining speed. Harry stalls the infected while the plane is picking up speed.

"Harry, get in!" Harry runs and jumps to the entrance just as the plane takes off and leaves the infected below.

"Dude, that's the coolest jump you've done." Terry said.

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