Chapter 17

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It was nightime. They walked to the nest. There were no infected outside the nest. Terry felt the same sensation back in Florida a few days ago. They slowly approached the fleshy growths. "I don't see an entrance. There should be an another way." Jean said.

Terry grabbed a few grenades and threw it. The grenades detonated, creating a large hole which looked like an entrance. Just as they were about to enter, two giants stepped out the entrance holding large hammers.

"S**t! Them again?!" Harry replied.

"You know what to do, Harry." Terry ansewred.

Harry grabbed a few boomsticks. Before he could throw it, one of the Giants slammed Harry, throwing him 4 m in the air and in the ground. He is unable to move. Jean turned on her UV light. The Giants seems to cry in agony and drops their weapons to cover their face. Terry grabs the boomsticks and throws it at their heads. Harry arms it and detonates, killing them.

"Now their weakness has been proven." Harry bragged.

The trio went inside the entrance. Once they went inside the building, there were large root like structures of flesh. There were regular infected stuck and rooted to the ground.

"What do you think they're doing?" Jean asked.

"Probably using the flesh to mutate. The bacteria has done some strange s**t for f**king 8 months." Terry replied.

Two Slick Grabbers saw them and shoots out tendrils. Harry quickly saw the tendrils and sliced it. Terry shines his UV light and the Grabbers immediately ran away.

"Here's the plan: here's the layout of the building as said here in this non-spoiled map. We have three bombs. Each one of us should split up, take one of each. The two should be planted in the west and east points of the nest. I will hold on the larger one and plant it to the center of the nest, where the alpha is located. Once planted, the remote trigger will arm the bombs and will give us less than 15 minutes before it flashes us. Here I have these anti-radiation sunglasses. Once the countdown reaches zero put them on to be protected." Terry explained.

He handed out two bombs to Harry and Jean. He also gave them the sunglasses. "And whatever you do, don't turn off your UV lights. But if you want to save power, switch it to low power mode only when there's no infected." Terry added.

"What if it becomes airborne?" Harry asked.

Terry gave them Gas masks complete with a headlight. "I'm always prepared now let's split up. Let's meet at the entrance after the the countdown starts." Terry replied.

"Gud luck." Jean said.

"And remember, Nothing's more important than destroying the infection." Terry said.

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