Chapter 20

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After that marvelous victory, Terry borrowed Harry's GPS. He typed the coordinates to the train station in Florida.

"What the hell are you doin? We did it, we're done." Harry replied.

"Someone is sabotaging us! Come on!" Terry reacted.

The trio went back to the truck and drove as fast as possible. Terry called the Leader. The leader answered the call "Hey Terry, good news, Most of America are free from the infected. The The Red Order has sent the way to defeating the infected to other parts of the world. Now the only thing we're missing is the cure. I got my planes fixed and ready for deployment to all the world."

"Speaking of the cure. That is my mission now!" Terry replied.

"What do you mean?" The leader asked.

"Someone is sabotaging us. Jane and Wesker aren't going to send the cure to you." Terry explained.

"WHAT?! Son of a bitch! Okay, get it done, we need that cure ASAP." The leader said. Terry ended the call.

It's been 6 hrs since they kept driving. The fuel is halfway empty. They're now 46 km to the Train station. "Jane and Wesker are expecting us. So be prepared." Terry ordered.

"Riight!" Harry muttered.

They've finally reached the train station.

Before they entered, a group of bandits leaped out of their hiding places and shoots the truck. Terry and Jean ducked down.

"Hey, assholes! Taste this motherf***er!" Harry shouted.

He loaded the turret and began to fire at the bandits. Two were killed and the rest took cover. Terry and Jean stepped out and ran towards the back.
"Get your weapons and open fire!" Harry replied.

The turret kept on shooting until it ran out of bullets. The bandits opened fire. "Give up already!" Jean shouted.

Terry kills 2 with his pistol. Harry reloaded the turret. Jean shot one in the head using an M16 rifle. After the turret reloaded, Harry returned fire.

"Terr, throw a few grenades!" Harry said.

Terry grabbed two and pulled the pin. He throws it at their hiding places. The grenades blew, killing 4 and sending 3 flying in the air. The 3 got killed immediately due to the continuous firing of the turret. There were no more signs of the bandits.

"They were expecting us this whole fricking time!" Harry said.

"We gotta save Macy and Jason." Jean replied.

"But first grab you melee weapons. They would expect us holding guns. So keep your melees. And bring in your guns as well. I have a plan." Terry explained.

"Haha, you sure that's gonna work?" Harry mocked.

"Trust me, it's gonna work." Terry said.

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